Phoenix Nanotom Series High-Resolution 3D CT System

The  Phoenix Nanotom series is a nanoCT® system for scientific and industrial computed tomography (microCT and nanoCT), as well as 3D metrology.

Offering precise and reproducible 3D measurements of complex objects, the Nanotom series can generate first article inspection reports within an hour. Tailored for material science, precision injection moulding, micromechanics, electronics, geology and biology applications.

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Phoenix Nanotom m

X-ray tube type

Proprietary open high-power nanofocus X-ray tube, optimized for long-term stability

Internal X-ray tube cooling

Max. voltage / power

180 kV / 20 W


Tungsten on CVD diamond for up to 2 times

faster data acquisition at the same high image quality level

Transmission target type, rotatable for multiple use (other target materials, e.g. molybdenum on request)


Tungsten hairpin, pre-adjusted plug-in cartridges for fast and easy exchange

Geom. magnification (3D)

1.5 x - 300 x

Detail detectability

Down to 200 nm (0.2 microns)

Min. voxel size

Down to 300 nm (0.3 microns)

Detector type

Temperature-stabilized high dynamic GE DXR, 14 bit , 1.5 x detector enlargement (max. 4,600 pixel detector width)


3,072 x 2,400

Pixel size

100 µm


Granite based 5-axes manipulator with vibration insulation, precision rotation table on air bearings

Variable focus detector distance

from 220 mm to 600 mm

Max. sample diameter

< 1 mm to 240 mm

Max. sample height / weight

250 mm / 3 kg (6.6 lbs.)

Sample travel length Y / Z

250 mm / 400 mm


0° - 360° x n

System dimensions

1,980 mm x 1,600 mm x 925 mm (78” x 63” x 36.4”)

System weight

Appr. 1,900 kg / 4,190 lbs.

Optional 3D metrology bundle

Temperature stabilized cabinet, high accuracy direct measuring system, calibration|object, datos|x module packages “metrology” and  “click & measure|CT”


phoenix datos|x 3D computed tomography acquisition and reconstruction software. Different 3D evaluation software packages for 3D metrology, failure or structure analysis on request.

CT reconstruction

phoenix datos velo|CT high-speed (5 GPUs)

Basic datos|x modules

auto|ROI, sector|scan, fast|scan, multi|scan, multi|volume reconstruction, agc|module - automatic geometry calibration,

bhc+|module - automatic beam hardening correction, rar|module - ring artefact reduction,

Optional modules

datos|x module package 3D “metrology”, datos|x module package “click & measure|CT”

Optional advanced sample manipulation

Manual XY highly accurate positioning table, tensile & compression testing stage system,

coolstage specimen cooling unit

Motorized XY-table with two linear axes

Radiation protection

The radiation safety cabinet is a full protective installation without type approval according to the German RöV. complies with French NFC 74 100 and the US Performance Standard 21 CFR Subchapter J. For system operation, other official licenses may be necessary


  • Materials science
  • Micro-engineering
  • Electronics – evaluating contacts, joints, cases, insulators and the situation of assembly
  • Semiconductor components and electronic devices
  • Life sciences
  • Geosciences

Phoenix Nanotom series solder joint

NanoCT® Three dimensional shape of solder joints of a CSP-componment. Different eutectic solder phased are visible.

Key Features

  • Extremely high image quality due to unique temperature stabilized digital GE DXR detector (3072 x 2400 pixels) for a high-dynamic range > 10,000 : 1
  • New open 180 kV / 15 W high-power nanofocus X-ray tube with up to 200 nm detail detectability and internal cooling – optimized for long-term stability

Metrology bundle for 3D metrology applications including

  • Temperature stabilized cabinet
  • High accuracy direct measuring system
  • Vibration insulation of the manipulator
  • Diamond|window
  • 2 calibration objects
  • Phoenix datos|x software package “click & measure CT” and 3D “metrology"

Key Benefits

  • Unique spatial and contrast resolution on a wide sample range – from small materials to medium sized plastic samples covering 3 orders of magnitude (0.25 mm to 250 mm sample height and 3 kg / 6.6 lbs. sample weight)
  • Optimised 3D metrology package for stable acquisition conditions, fast reconstruction within minutes and reproducible measurement results
  • Optimised ease of use due to system design and advanced phoenix datos|x CT software
  • Optional helix|scan capability to scan longer parts with better quality
  • Diamond|window offers extremely high focal spot stability and up to 2 times faster data acquisition without sacrificing image quality
  • High precision rotation-unit with air bearing for accurate and reliable CT images
  • Granite-based manipulation and optional thermal stabilization for long-term stability and highest precision
  • Up to 2 times faster data acquisition at the same high image quality level by diamond|window