Unicomp AX-8200 X-Ray Inspection Machine

The Unicomp AX-8200 x-ray machine is designed to provide high resolution x-ray imaging primarily for the electronics industry. This versatile system is effective for many applications within the PCB manufacturing process. This includes BGA, CSP, QFN, Flip Chip, COB and the wide range of SMT components. The AX-8200 is a powerful support tool for process development, process monitoring and refinement of the rework operation. Supported by a powerful and easy to use software interface, the AX-8200 addresses both small and large volume factory requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Unicomp AX8200 easy to use?

Yes, the Unicomp AX8200 is easy to use and configure

2. How long does it take to program the Unicomp AX8200?

The initial power up, requires 10-15 mins to warm up the X-Ray tube. Subsequent power up takes approximately 5 mins. To get to the area of inspection, it will take a minute or two to configure/adjust the X-Ray machine.

3. What are the easiest components to inspect on the Unicomp AX8200?

The simplest components to inspect are: Solder pads for voids, large cracks in a component and component placement inside enclosed package.

4. What are the most difficult components to inspect on the Unicomp AX8200?

Fine line cracks are the most difficult to inspect as they are very hard to see or adjust.

5. Is there anything that the Unicomp AX8200 has not been able to inspect?

Hairline cracks.

6. What is the scan speed?

All cabinet x-ray systems are typically manually driven with joystick control. With Inspecting areas of concern you can set macros for example, put board in set location each time and the system will drive to it and do its calculations based on your macro. X-ray inspection requires variables such as voltage/current to be adjusted depending on what you are looking through for example stainless, plastic, ceramics etc all demand differing settings to ensure a good grey scale image.

8. Is the image detector a digital flat panel or analogue?

Any x-ray is a culmination of software, hardware, tube technology, panel technology, filters and etc. The bottom line is IQ from the system and the 8200 does give impressive imagery for its price point.

9. Is there the possibility to upgrade the table size?

No, the table size on the Unicomp is fairly large and should handle most PCB and other items.




System Parameters







Power Consumption


X-ray Tube







Spot Size


X-ray System


4"Image Intensifier



System Magnification


Detection Region

Max.Loading Size

510mm x 420mm

Max.Inspection Area

435mm x 385mm

X-ray Leakage

< 1uSv/h


  • Electronics inspection including BGA , CSP , QFN, Flip Chip, COB and wide range of SMT components
  • Semiconductors
  • Small metal casting
  • Battery industry
  • Electronic connector module
  • Aerospace components
  • Photovoltaic industry

 Key Features

  • 90KV 5μm X-ray tube, image intensifier with 2 mega pixel digital camera
  • Motion controls include: ±60° tilt motion, X/Y table motion plus Z axis tube and detector movement
  • Multi-function DXI image processing system
  • X/Y programming function for multiple image inspection routines. Max. loading area 510mm x 420mm, max. detection area 435 x 385mm with ~300X System Magnification
  • BGA void/area auto-measurement plus report generation


“…We are very happy with the machine model AX8200 to the point that we recommend it... Sometimes other companies ask to come here and use the machine to help them solve issues and they are impressed with the resources offered by the machine.

We have also conquered some new clients because of this equipment. It gave us an advantage on quality control that was a crucial point for some customers.” José Benedito - SMT Enterplak Brazil

“…All the equipment that was installed during our projects works well and gives us a chance to produce and test our product and raise the quality of assembly.” Aquamarin, St. Petersburg, Russia