GE Phoenix X|aminer Industrial X-Ray Machine

The phoenix X/aminer is an easy to use, entry-level, non-destructive testing (NDT) X-ray inspection system designed for high-resolution inspection of electronic assemblies, components and PCBA. Phoenix x/act base software for 2D and Phoenix datos/x base for CT offers ease of use and allows manual and automatic inspection. 


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Phoenix x|aminer s

Phoenix x|aminer

Geometric magnification

up to 2,100 x

up to 2,100 x; > 2,000 x in HD configuration

Total magnification

up to 23,000 x

up to 23,000 x; > 7,000 x in HD configuration

Detail detectability

down to 0.5 µm

Submicron X-ray tube: Type

open microfocus tube, transmission head, 170° cone angle, collimated. Target tungsten on non-

toxic support, rotatable for multiple use. Turbo-molecular and oil-free roughing vacuum pump

Maximum tube voltage / power at target

160 kV / 20 W


tungsten hairpin, pre-adjusted in plug-in cartridges for fast and easy exchange in < 20 minutes

Detector (standard configuration)

highly resolving 4“ dual-field image intensifier with high resolution 2 MPixel digital camera

Detector (optional HD configuration)

High contrast 1536 x  864 pixel flat panel  detector, 75 µm pixelsize


3 axes (x, y, z)

5 axes (x, y, z, tilt, rotate)

General construction

high precision vibration-free synchronized CNC manipulation

Max. inspection area

510 mm x 510 mm (20“ x 20“)

410 mm x 410 mm (16“ x 16“)

Max. sample size / weight

510 mm x 510 mm (20“ x 20“)  /  10 kg (22 lbs.)

510 mm x 510 mm (20“ x 20“)  /  5 kg (11 lbs.)

ovhm – oblique view rotation

adjustable view angle up to 70° n x 360°


joystick control or mouse (manual mode) and CNC (automatic mode)

Axis speed

(X-Y-Z) 10 micron/s to 80 mm/s

Manipulation aids

sample X-ray mapping, click‘n-move-to function, click‘n-zoom-to function, automatic isocentric manipulator movement, active anti-collision system

Image processing software phoenix x|act base

comprehensive X-ray inspection software comprising image enhancement functions, measuring functions and CNC inspection macro programming for semi-automatic inspection

bga|module (included in basic package)

intuitive automatic BGA solder-joint evaluation

vc|module (included in basic package)

automatic voiding calculation software package incl. capability of multiple die attach void evaluation. Manual inspection even of unregulary shaped area solderings.

CT Option:     software

3d|arv for image intensifier datos|x for CMOS

                         basic CT axis

high mechanical precision rotation unit for

optimized high-resolution CT applications

                         easyfix CT axis

rotation unit including a counter bearing to fix even extended spatial samples

Min. system dimensions (W x H x D)

1800 mm x 1900 mm x 1430 mm (70.9“ x 74.8“ x 56.3“) (D without console and demountable back side extension)

Height adjustable control panel     

400 mm (15.75“) adjustable range

Max. weight

approx. 2000 kg / 4410 lbs.

approx. 2050 kg / 4520 lbs.

Radiation Safety

The radiation safety cabinet is a full protective installation without type approval according to the German RöV. It complies with French NFC 74 100 and the US Performance Standard 21 CFR Subchapter J. For operation, other official licenses may be necessary.

Leakage radiation

radiation leakage rate: < 1.0 µSv/h measured 10 cm from cabinet wall



phoenix x|act operator software

Advanced image processing software incl. view based inspection programming

Tilt / rotate unit

tilt ± 45° and rotation n x 360°  for samples up to 2 kg

Positioning aid

laser crosshair

PCB holder for rotation table

max. board size 310 mm x 310 mm (12’’ x 12’’)

XY table

standard in x|aminer s configuration

increased inspection area 510 mm x 510 mm (20’’ x 20’’) without rotation and ovhm

Key Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited lifetime 160 kV / 20 W X-ray tube to penetrate even high absorbing components
  • Improved live inspection capability due to high contrast CMOS flat panel detector option
  • Easy and fast computed tomography (CT) due to comprehensive software package
  • Intuitive operation and easy to use software
  • Live CAD data overlay
  • Automated real X-ray sample map for easy orientation on top, bottom and even inside samples
  • Anti-collision feature to protect samples
  • Small footprint