Reshoring your SMT line back to Australia - equipment

Reshoring your SMT line back to Australia or New Zealand is a big decision.  With the cost of producing electronic assemblies becoming more expensive to produce offshore, is making more sense to reshore and setup your line on site.  Clearly there are numerous factors that need considering and we have tried to cover some in this article: 

On this page we have listed the equipment required to setup a SMT line utilising the latest electronic production equipment.  Each business will have its own requirements including different budgets and different amounts of space available.  Therefore, we have listed a range of solutions below, catering for variations in component placement (CPH) requirements which also impact the investment required.  If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 36 00 31  

Entry Level / Low Production Line

TWS - Stand Alone line- Manual handling of the Pcbs across the machines.  
CPH/Production output on the Quadra machine would output around 2,500 Cph which would give you around 45 Pcbs per hour based on your 53 parts per Pcb.

SR2700 Semi Auto Screen Printer 

The TWS SR2700 is an air assisted stencil printer offering an accurate and fully programmable operation via an intutive touch screen display.

  • Enables to solder boards up to 330 mm length and 240 mm width.
  • Ideal for prototype to small volume production.
  • Display of set point & actual temperature for each heating phase.

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Quadra DVC Pick place – Twin head mounter with 60 feeders 

The Quadra series is one of the most economical and cost effective Surface Mount placement machines available on the market today.

  • Automatic fiducial recognition.
  • Vast range of components. 0201 to 40 x 40mm, up to 13mm high.
  • Tape feeders from 8 mm to 44 mm width on 7’’, 13” or 15’’ reel diameter reels.

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TWS 850- Benchtop small reflow oven 

TWS 850 is a powerful and compact reflow and convection oven with one heating zone ideal to perform soldering operation for small to prototype size SMT manufacturing

  • High performance and accuracy in a compact design.
  • 422 x 422 mm maximum print area  (16.6″ x 16.6″).
  • Up to 580mm x 580mm frame size  ( 23″ x 23″).

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TWS 850  

Mid Level Production Line

Essemtec Fox with 4 Pick place heads- Inline with Semi Auto Printer and Inline Oven.
Line CPH will be around 9,000 Cph.

E by DEK Stencil Printer

E by DEK, an innovative platform with high-quality components, sophisticated construction, and modular design that guarantees a stable and reliable printing process even for the latest fine-pitch applications.

  • 8 seconds core cycle time.
  • Fast set up changeovers.
  • Transport and prints boards with lengths of up to 620 milometers.

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Essemtec Fox pick place with 60 feeders 

Perfectly suited for use in small production environments, the compact Essemtec Fox Surface Mounter offers the benefit of a smaller footprint while accommodating large PCB's up to 406mm x 305mm.

  • 180 feeders on 1 m² production floor.
  • Up to 7,000 -18,800 CPH per module.
  • Accommodates large PCB boards (406mm x 305mm). 

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Essemtec RO400 FC convection oven 

Small-batch and mid-size production requires a reflow system with high flexibilty and ease of operation.

  • Easy-to-use operator interface and storage capacity of up to 28 profiles.
  • Zone temperatures are fully programmable, as is the closed-loop-controlled conveyor speed.
  • SMEMA connectors provide the ability to link the RO400FC with any other compatible equipment.

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High Level Production Line


High end Yamaha production line, fully hands off/inline process with Board handling.
Line Cph output based on your Pcb would be around 15,000 CPh , outputting around 280 Pcb/Hour.

Yamaha YCP10 Inline printer 

Utilising Yamaha’s 3S adjustable angle print head system, the YCP10 incorporates a single piece, high rigidity base frame to maintain accuracy. 

  • High-precision and high-performance compact printer.
  • Compatible with large circuit boards and a wide variety of stencil frame sizes.
  • Features traditional stencil suction mechanism as standard.

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Yamaha YSM20R single beam 10 head mounter with 60 feeders 

With a mounting speed of 90,000 CPH, Operators worldwide are transforming their businesses with this compact but powerful surface mounter.

  • Two types of beam variations.
  • 'Smart Recognition' which allows odd shaped components to be handled quickly.
  • Featuring two types of newly-developed heads that are based on the "1 head solution" concept.

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Heller inline Reflow oven 1707 MK5- 

The Heller 1707 series supports high mix / medium volume throughput at speeds up to 24 inches (60 centimetres) per minute.  

  • Highest yields and tight Process control
  • Wide process window for "Universal Profiling"
  • Advanced 5 thermocouple PCB profiling and process parameter logging capability

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Nutek Pcb handling 3 x Inspection conveyor with Magazine Loader and unloader 

Flexible operation with enhanced safety design and an ergonomically designed arm rest.

  • PCB inspection position adjustable.
  • User friendly ‘soft touch’ LED membrane control panel.
  • Laser carved stainless steel side guides for superior quality and durability.

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Component Per Hour (CPH)


Please note the CPH numbers are a best guess based on what our other customers are achieving, real figures can vary between 20 to 80%  but ultimately they are different for everyone depending on how much “gang” picking can be obtained when there are multiple heads on the machine.



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