Uncover The Facts appearing behind torn brown paper.

Truth or Dare   

Below is a list of statements which are either true or false, or we dare you to find a smarter solution for your SMT line than the YSM20R pick and place.

1) The YSM20R mounter consists of two heads – a high-speed multi-head and a flexible multi-head


Yes, the YSM20R does consist of two heads, each consisting of between five to ten pickup nozzles. The high-speed head supports from ultra-tiny chips of 0201mm to large-size components of 55 x 100 mm and height of 15 mm. The flexible multi-head handles a broad spectrum of components from ultra-tiny chips of 03015mm, to ultra-large components of 55 x 100 mm and tall components of heights to 28 mm.  Alternatively, some of our customers prefer to utilise two high-speed heads.

2) Most of Hawker Richardson’s customers who have invested in a YSM20R or Yamaha SMT line have done so because of the speed that can be achieved.


Although the Yamaha SMT solutions can run at impressive speeds, most SMT lines in Australia and New Zealand don’t need to run at anything close to those speeds. Most customers who purchase Yamaha SMT solutions through Hawker Richardson do so because Yamaha products are very well made, flexible and are also very reliable. Not only are they very reliable, but engineers also know they can get support very quickly through Hawker Richardson’s service engineers should they need it.

3) The YSM20R is designed with a side view camera that can detect reverse missing components


The side camera on the YSM20R can detect pickup status and missing components which ultimately saves downtime and this proactive approach to spotting errors also prevents rework. 

We dare you to find another SMT mounter with the side camera.

4) High speed smart recognition now comes as standard


The highly robust “high speed smart recognition” that also creates recognition data for custom or unique components in a short time, is now standard.

5) New systems can be commission remotely, within the same time it takes for commissioning with an onsite visit.


We dare you to find another SMT supplier in Australia that can commission products remotely, within the same time it would usually take if the Service Engineer was onsite.



6) Utilising Yamaha's MACS system could reduce positional error from around 30 microns to less than 10.


The MACS system (Multi-Accuracy Compensation System) which has been introduced onto some of the Yamaha YS Series Mounters, provides engineers with real-time machine vision. Utilising side-view and upward-looking cameras, the system can identify the centre of the component and by capturing its position with the centre of the nozzle, it can automatically correct any deviation that occurs in real-time.

7) Save hours on changeover setup with Yamaha’s automatic push-up pin exchange function


We dare you to find the same solution on another brand of SMT equipment.

Depending how many lines you run and how many changeovers you need to make, this function could end up saving you a lot of time. It could also prevent inaccuracies and potential defects from forming further down the line. Push-up pins, which support circuit boards from below, are changed over automatically. The pins are free-location models which use magnets, and suit the shape, pattern, and lower surface mounting state of the printed circuit boards, enabling positioning at the optimal location of the user’s discretion.

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