Spotlight on Ovens for SMT Production 

Ovens are a vital part of the production process for SMT production, and so we know how important it is to invest in the right solution for your business and your boards.

Whether you are just starting out and looking for an oven with a small footprint, or looking for a full inline solution, we have a selection of ovens below to choose from.  Offering both convection and vapour phase ovens, Hawker Richardson works with a range of leading suppliers to ensure we cater for your needs, whether you need to focus on optimal throughput or achieve maximum quality with boards for critical applications.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) - please scroll to the bottom of the page to read  a couple of the frequent questions we get asked.

Convection Ovens 


 Vapor Phase Ovens

 Benchtop convection (Low volume/Prototype)


Benchtop Vapor phase (Low volume/Prototype) 

TWS 850B

TWS Batch Reflow Convection Oven - 220 VOLT 850

  • Small foorptint.
  • Enables to solder boards up to 330 mm length and 240 mm width.
  • Display of set point & actual temperature for each heating phase.

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 DFA VP-JUMBO Vapor Phase Machine

  • Max PCB Size 430 x 230 x 20mm.
  • Table model top loader, ideal for prototyping.
  • Suitable for BGA's, stacked packages.

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MRO160 and 250 reflow soldering

  • Max. PCB size: 200 x 160 mm.
  • Enables users to start prototyping with low investment . 
  • Easy operating.  Start production after following only a few steps.

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 IBL Minilab

IBL Minilab Vapor Phase Batch Soldering Oven

  • Board sizes up to 300 x 275 x 80 mm.
  • Low energy and fluid consumption with integrated heat exchanger.
  • Maintenance-free transport system (patented).

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TWS 1320 Evo Convection Oven

  • Boards up to 400mm in width.
  • Capable of lead-free application.
  • Four heating and one cooling zone.

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 IBL sv260

IBL SV260 Vapor Phase Batch Soldering Oven

  • Board size up to 300 x 260 x 80 mm.
  • Low energy and fluid consumption with 2-chamber design and integrated heat exchanger.
  • Live temperature monitoring without high temperature profiler.

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 Inline convection (mid-volume)

Sandalone Vapor Phase (mid-volume) 

Essemtec RO300FC 

Essemtec RO300FC Convection Reflow Soldering SMT Oven

  • The RO300FC-N2 can be operated with air or nitrogen.
  • The changeover takes less than five minutes.
  • Maximum reflow width 300 mm. 
  • Program capacity 49 (10 preset standard, 10 preset leadfree, 10 preset curing, 19 free).

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IBL SV540 Series Vapor Phase Batch Soldering Oven 

  • Board sizes up to 560 x 360 x 80 mm.
  • Low energy and fluid consumption with 2-chamber design and integrated heat exchange.
  • TE-Option with 2 temperature measuring channels for thermal profile monitoring and recording.

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 Essemtec RO400FC

Essemtec RO400FC Convection Reflow Soldering Oven

  • Maximum reflow width 400 mm (15.8").
  • Reliable soldering results for standard and unleaded use.
  • The convection technology uses vertical laminar flow, which offers an efficient heat transfer with the lowest Delta T values.

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IBL BLC Series Batch/Inline Vapor Phase Soldering Reflow Oven

  • Available as batch or inline.
  • Live temperature monitoring with IBL Software (VP- Control) without profiler
    Traceability and documentation with IBL Software (VP-Control) optionally with barcode function
  • Carrier sizes from 300 x 340 x 80 mm up to 840 x 540 x 80 mm.

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 TWS 1385

TWS 1385 Evo Convection Reflow Soldering Oven With Mesh Conveyor

  • Conveyor width 400 mm.
  • Heating & cooling zones Four heating, one cooling.
  • Air temperature is controlled by a microprocessor through K-type thermocouples placed in each zone,  keeping temperature between tight limits.
  • “PID” algorithm to ensure a faster temperature adjustment in the four zones.

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 Vacuum Convection Reflow (Inline)


 Vacuum Vapor Phase Reflow (Inline or standalone)

Heller 1809 

1809 MK5 - Heller Advanced In-Line Voidless / Vacuum Reflow Soldering Oven 

  • 9 Top And Bottom Heated Zones - highest zone count per linear foot in the industry!
  • 2 Internal Cooling Zones - gives lowest exit temperature!
  • NEW Module Design with 10" modules gives the flexibility to subdivide the profile into smaller segments and allows for more refined "profile sculpting". The only way to satisfy demanding Lead Free Applications!
  • Nitrogen Inert Atmosphere To 10 PPM with 50% reduction in N2 consumption!

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 VAC 745

IBL VAC745/765 Vacuum Vapor Phase Soldering Oven

  • Different machine types with carrier sizes from 635 x 440 x 70 mm up to 635 x 644 x 70 mm.
  • Vacuum system in steam (patented) with low process temperature.
    Create a solder profile in one step with the Intelligent Profiling System (IPS).

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 Convection Reflow (High Volume) 


 Vapor Phase (High volume) 

Heller 1707 
Heller Industries 1707MK5 Series Convection Reflow Soldering Oven 
  • Minimum/Maximum Board Width 2" – 22" (5 – 56 cm) 24” (61cm) Optional.
  • Seven heat zones and one cooling zone.
  • Supports high mix / medium volume throughput at speeds up to 24 inches (60 centimetres) per minute.

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 IBL CX600800

IBL CX600/CX800 Series Inline Vapor Phase Soldering Reflow Oven

  • Carrier sizes from 680 x 650 x 80 mm up to 825 x 650 x 80 mm
  • Vapor Phase Inline System for high volume throughput
  • Loading and Unloading conveyors with buffer function
  • Three internal process chambers with automatic airlocks
  • Highest precision and process quality with patented Soft Vapor Temperature Control (SVTC)
  • Easy one step profile set-up with Intelligent profiling system (IPS)
  • Live temperature monitoring with IBL Software without profiler
  • Traceability and documentation with IBL Software

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 Heller 1809b

Heller Industries 1809MK5 Series Convection Reflow Soldering Oven

  • Accommodate the fastest pick and place systems and deliver the highest levels of repeatability with the lowest delta Ts. 
  • Maximum PCB Width 22" (56 cm).
  • The 1809 Mark5 comes with 9 zones.

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 Heller 1913

Heller Industries 1913 MK5 Reflow Soldering Oven

  • Nine top and bottom heated zones - highest zone count per linear foot in the industry
  • Two internal cooling zones gives the lowest exit temperature
  • With Heller's Balanced Flow Heater Module (BFM) technology the cost of running nitrogen has been reduced by up to 50%!
  • With LOW KW features, electrical consumption can be reduced by up to 40%!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Convection or Vapor Phase?

Whether you choose convection of a vapor phase oven, it depends completely on your application and the specifics of your requirements which can include (but not limited to): board size, board components, type of paste, throughput, accuracy.

2) Is it worth investing in additional zones?

We always recommend you consider both your immediate requirements and the boards / projects you may have in the future.  If you have the budget, it is worth investing in an oven with slightly more capability to future proof the asset.

3) What is CBS and why do I need it ?

CBS or Center Board Support will prevent wide or heavy PCBs from sagging during reflow. During a lead free process the temperatures are slightly higher than on a traditional leaded profile.  Given that glass transition point of most FR4 material is around 130 degrees, this can cause issues on PCBS.  With minimal copper between the layers, especially on thinner PCBs and lead to sagging of the PCB, this can be an issue when doing a second pass through the printer as the FR4 will hold the shape of a sagged PCB.

The CBS system is controlled via the individual programs on the machine and can be set to be up or down depending on PCB width/weight complexity. One thing to remember when using the CBS is that you will need to consider having a clear strip down the centre of the PCB for double sided PCBs, where you may have components mounted on the bottom side already.

4) Should I choose a Convection or Vapor Phase Reflow system?

Choosing between vapor phase reflow and convection is not an easy choice to make. We have tried to name a few reason why you might choose one over the other. Vapor phase ovens and Convection as you can see come in Benchtop/Standalone and inline formats, the choice and reason to choose one over other is detailed here.

    • Low volume/High end: Defence/Space work - An IBL Vapor Phase would be the choice.
    • Low volume/Low cost work -  Small Vapour Phase benchtop would be a good solution.
    • Minimal to zero voiding required on high end work, look at a Vapor Phase or a Vacuum Vapor Phase system.
    • Mid volume production on a budget, then a small inline convection would be a good choice.
    • High volume production with 2-3 Pick & Place machines in the line, then a Heller 1809-1913 Lead free convection reflow would be oven of choice.
    • High volume, high  end product, again with high speed mounters then consider a Voidless Convection oven for ultimate low voiding.

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