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Spotlight on Entry Level SMT and Prototyping Solutions

Hawker Richardson works with hundreds of suppliers to bring you the best solutions from around the world.  Whether you require large scale production or you require tabletop one-off PCBs in R&D, there are a range of solutions to choose from. 

These entry level solutions below will give you some idea of the products available to you if you wish to make single PCBs, while minimising footprint and energy consumption.       

Entry Level Printing 

TWS SR-2000 Manual Screen Printer

The SR 2000 manual screen printer is an entry-level printer enabling you to print at low cost, and at the same time delivering precision and ease of use.


  • Designed to be easily transported and to fit any worktable environment
  • SR 2000 is also equipped with a magnetic fixture kit , allowing to print any kind of double sided board
  • SR 2000 screen printer fits perfectly with TWS 30 frame (available as optional).

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TWS SR-2700 Semi-automatic High Performance Printer

This high performance printer from TWS boasts very good accuracy and with a small footprint with a compact design.


  • Motorised Vertical separation with adjustable snap-off speed
  • Two independent, self levelling, pressure controlled, electro-actuated squeegees
  • Motorised Y movement
  • Two cameras for finer alignements.

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NEW TWS SR-3200 EVO Fully Automatic Printer

NEW from TWS, this printer is a standalone solution with fiducials automatic recognition and external loader/unloader pairing capability.


  • Can be coupled with LD100 automatic loading system to build an optimal solution to maximise printing throughput
  • Printing mode is motor assisted (brushless motor) and fully programmable
  • Intuitive software guides the operator during the whole process.
  • Large printing area, first class specifications make this printer a product with an outstanding quality-price ratio.

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Entry Level Dispensing


Entry Level Placement


Entry Level Vapour Phase and Reflow

Dispensing manipulator LMdispense 901

The dispensing manipulator LMdipense is an economic alternative to of the dispensing pens.  There is the possibility to replace the serial pressure-time dispensing mechanism with te quasi-volumetric dispensing mechanism of MARTIN.

LM901 rechtsdreh

  • Quasi-volumetric dspensing for highest precision
  • Vision option for higher placing exactement
  • X-Y Brakes for exact alignment

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LM901 manual pick and place system

The LM901 is a fatigue free, cost-efficient manual assembly system ideal prototyping and small-series production. The LM901 efficiently applies solder paste or adhesive seamlessly to assembling chip, fine-pitch and special components in a quick, fatiuge free process.

LM901 rechtsdreh

  • Mini and Micro Melfs
  • SO
  • PLCC
  • Fine Pitch Devices
  • Chips

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Minilab vapour phase batch oven from IBL

This impressively compact Minilab solution from IBL is a vapour phase and ideally suited to one-off / prototyping.  It accommmodates a board up to 300 x 275 x 80 mm, so has a high size to performance ratio.

LM901 rechtsdreh

  • Low energy and fluid consumption with integrated heat exchanger
  • Easy operation, solder automatic
  • Maintenance-free transport system (patented)
  • Observation window into process chamber
  • 230 Volt operation

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High precision dispensing with the dispenseALL 420 

This high precision dispensing systems from Fritsch is designed with up to three valves (depending on variant), allowing different media to be dispensed simultaneously.

LM901 rechtsdreh

  • 1 up to 3 dispesing valves on every machine
  • Servo axis for every dispensing head
  • More than 10 various dispensing valves for every aplication
  • Automatic measurement of the dispnsing nozzle
  • Touchless height measurement of the PCBs

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SM902professional Manual Pick and Place System

Another manual pick and place solution from Fritsch, the SM902professional systems boasts a higher throughput than the SM and LM ranges from Fritsch.


  • Designed with motor-driven feeders with LEDs
  • Automatic dispensing system for glue or solder paste
  • Manual dispensing
  • Starting from chip-size 0201

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MRO160 and 250 reflow soldering from Fritsch

This compact and entry level reflow solution is available in two sizes MRO160 accomodates board sizes: 200 x 160 mm; MRO250 accommodates board sizes: 350 x 250 mm.  Both reflow between temperatures: 75-300°C.


  • A microprocessor fully controls the heating process and ensures reliable and reproducible results
  • Reflow-temperature: 75-300°C
  • Preheating-temperature: 50-240°

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FC100-1G-1-H Dispener

This robust dispenser from PVA is ideal for manual dispensing and robust with stainless steel tank and value.  It offers a maximum of 100 psi and Timed - Manual - Teach modes.

Tarantula Essemtec

  • Luer-Lok™ Adapter valve tip
  • Stroke adjuster on the valve can be adjusted for flow rate
  • Trigger is pulled on valve handle to dispense material

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Quadra DVC EVO Series

The Quatra DVC EVO series from TWS is one of the most economical and cost effective Surface Mount placement machines available on the market today. It is ideally suited to low volume high mix SMT assembly.

TWS Quadra

  • Automatic fiducial recognition
  • Vast range of components. 0201 to 40 x 40mm, up to 13mm high
  • Tape feeders from 8 mm to 44 mm width on 7’’, 13” or 15’’ reel diameter reels

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TWS 850 Batch Reflow Convection Oven

TWS 850 is a powerful, compact reflow and convection oven with one heating zone ideal to perform soldering operation for small to prototype size SMT manufacturing.

TWS Batch reflow

  • Easy to use and with good performancen for small to prototype size SMT manufacturing
  • Display of set point & actual temperature for each heating phase
  • Enables to solder boards up to 330 mm length and 240 mm width.

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