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Tips for Entry Level SMT Production from Fritsch

1) Consider the overall process. For a production you need:

  • Stencil printing (solder paste / circuit board / SMD stencil)
  • Placement machine (SMD components)
  • Reflow oven

2) Which tasks could arise for the device later and how easy it is to react to them i.e.

  • Upgrade ability of the feeders
  • Upgrade ability of the camera/s
  • Upgrade ability of the nozzles etc

3) Plan the delivery time for machines and accessories. Due to the current shortage of materials, the delivery time is currently higher.  So order in time.

About Fritsch

Fritsch have been a reliable partner for SMT equipment for more than 40 years.  At their new production site in Amberg, they are continuing their success story that began in idyllic Kastl/Utzenhofen.  Always motivated employees work on modern machines in order to be able to offer you not only an extensive series program but also customized special solutions.

Entry Level SMT Solutions from Fritsch

Printing Solutions from Fritsch



Fritsch printALL0005

The printALL005 is a manual stencil printer with a stable base frame for a high print quality. The solid construction offers an easy handling and a clean and reproducable print, even for fine structures of 0.5 mm.

  • The stencil frame can be adjusted to three heights using setting
  • Option PCB vaccum kit
  • Manual print with polyurethane or metal squeegees 110 or 255mm

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Placement Solutions from Fritsch 


LM900 Manual Pick and Place System

The SelectLine delivers high precision and solder joint quality as well as a high degree of The LM900 is a fatigue free, cost-efficient manual assembly system ideal prototyping and small-series production. Placing typically between 300 and 600 components per hour, all LM 900s come equipped with the FRITSCH rail system.

  • Placement performance: 300-600 SMDs / hour
  • Dimensions: 700 x 680 x 340 mm
  • SMDs LM900 handles are: Mini and Micro Melfs, SO, PLCC, Fine Pitch Devices and Chips

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MP904 Manual Pick and Place System

With the ability to handle a wide range of components, the MP904 accurately places fine pitch, BGA and QFN components seamlessly due to the smooth-running guide on the mounting head. The solid construction of the handling head ensures a high precise placement of SMDs.

  • Featuring Splitt-Field Vision enables viewing of multiple angles 
  • Maximum PCB size: 340 x 250 mm
  • Starting from chip-size 0201

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SM902 Semi - Automatic Pick and Place Systems

A semi-automatic placement system suitable for prototypes & small batches. Placement for the next components is displayed on a monitor, easily guiding the user through the placement process. Ideal for entry level production of printed circuit board assembly.

  • Placement rate: 400-700 SMDs per hour
  • Components: chip 0201 up to size 70 x 70 mm
  • Camera fixture, head lighting, and feeder available
  • Professional model available with up to 800 placements per hour (SM902Pro)

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Reflow Solutions from Fritsch


MRO160 and 250 Reflow Soldering

FRITSCH catch soldering system combines easy handling low costs. The user-friendly surface enables the individual programming to reduce setup-times to a minimum. Ideal for prototyping or serial production, the batch systems are the perfect solution for daily work.

  • MPR160 - Max. PCB size: 200 x 160 mm
  • MPR250 - Max. PCB size: 350 x 250 mm
  • Preheating-temperature: 50-240°C
  • Reflow-temperature: 75-300°C

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