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Get a Hand from the World's Best Toggle Clamps from Good Hand

Hawker Richardson offer the largest range of quality Toggle Clamps available in Australia.

Good Hand toggle clamps, made in Taiwan, are the first choice of automotive and white-goods manufacturers worldwide, due to their wide variety, quality materials, ergonomics and precision. First world manufacturing techniques and advanced technology combine to ensure Good hand clamps provide consistent quality and precision for many years in high production environments. All joints are precision formed with process controlled riveting equipment ensuring zero faults and precise, repeatable linkage movement.

Good Hand clamps do not compromise on quality when setting an affordable price for all sectors of manufacturing industries. Don’t be fooled by poor quality alternatives. GoodHand clamps are the original, premium quality, precision, ergonomics, and strength at an affordable price set Goodhand toggle clamps miles apart from all our clamp competitors.

The smooth, “easy action” of Good Hand Toggle Clamps enable users to apply a low input force to create a high clamping force. The over centre locking mechanism prevents the clamp from opening during work holding. This feature makes Good Hand Toggle Clamps ideal for repetitive holding applications, while allowing a wide clearance for loading and unloading.

  Our range includes:
 • Vertical toggle clamps  - view our range    Holding capacity up to 550Kg
 • Horizontal toggle clamps - view our range  Holding capacity up to 700Kg
 • Push-Pull toggle clamps - view our range   Holding capacity up to 1600Kg
 • Toggle Presses - view our range  Holding capacity up to 2500Kg
 • Latch and Hook toggle clamps with safety locks - view our range  Holding capacity up to 3400Kg
• Extra heavy duty Precision weldable toggle clamps - view our range Holding capacity up to 500Kg
• F- type toggle clamps - view our range  Holding capacity up to 340Kg
• Wide variety of spindles types and materials - view our range  
• Twin spindle Yoke assemblies - view our range  

All GoodHand Toggle Clamps are manufactured in either zinc plated steel, stainless steel or cast steel. They all have ergonomic, significantly sized, red vinyl, cushioned handles for better operator comfort.

All body and linkage components are corrosion resistant, and pivot points are hardened steel or stainless steel rivets to maintain accuracy and provide a long service life.

With a comprehensive range of clamps in stock, there is an ideal clamp for your application, whether its for jigs, fixture, for weldng, gluing or drilling!

If you're not sure which clamp is right for your application - contact us.