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An investment in education is something everyone in the company can take advantage of. Receive formalised hands-on training courses covering all brands and equipment carried by Hawker Richardson. Hawker Richardson recognises the importance of conducting product training to help support you with your organisation’s success.

The most effective way to extend the life and performance of the purchase of your new capital equipment is by receiving engaging product training from our skilled service staff. Our value-added training aids in supporting your business by helping you reach your business goals.

All service technicians undertake regular manufacturer and in-house training and draw upon years of industry experience. We pass this knowledge over to our customers ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Why should you and your employees take up product training?

Training benefits

Knowledge is power – Receiving product training reduces equipment errors in day-to-day operations, therefore reducing loss of productivity. Product training improves the reliability of your equipment and helps reduce any uncertainty when it comes to running your equipment.

Increase production – Product training helps decrease human operating errors, in turn eliminates downtime. When employees have a better understanding of their job and goals, they have a greater likelihood of attaining or even exceeding expectations.

Build stronger relationships with your customers and increase revenue - When your company produces reliable, robust products you will earn reputation within your industry. While the exact ROI varies across industries, better knowledge of the products, services, and company in general increases employees’ abilities to bring in revenue.

Boost employee confidence – Training gives employees the chance to not only hone existing skills but also learn new skills. If your employees are confident in operating the new equipment this helps boost morale, increases the quality of products.

Keep your company update to date with latest industry trends - Don't fall behind from your competitors.  Our comprehensive training courses aim to increase operator knowledge, technical skills and safety. Courses are run and overseen by qualified trainers with a wealth of product and industry experience. Basic, intermediate and advanced training is available and is tailored to suit every member of the team.

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