Stepping Motor Single Axis Robots

The stepping motor achieves similar functionality to a servo motor model at low cost, and the total of six types and 69 models (creating 180 variants in the new product lineup) provide new solutions for a range of applications. These include the slider type, which belying its compact size has a maximum payload of 65kg, the rod type, with a maximum stroke of 500mm, the slide table type, which is compact with high rigidity, the rotary type, which is compact and uses a rotating axis, the gripper type, which provides a variety of grip force variations, and the miniature type, which is compact and lightweight.

The product line up of total 6 types with 69 models and 180 variations are now newly available for YAMAHA to propose a variety of applications to you. They include the slider type, though compact, that can transport up to 65 kg, rod type with up to 500 mm of stroke, compact and highly rigid slide table type, compact rotary type used for rotational axes, gripper type with a wide selection of gripping power, and compact and lightweight miniature type.