Yamaha Linear Conveyor Module LCM100 Series

Demands facing the manufacturing industry continue to increase each year, including demands for shorter lead times, reduced costs, increased product quality and boosting efficiences in small spaces. Yamaha's innovative LCM100 linear conveyor module addresses these challenges, enabling operators to build flexible and modular transport systems. 


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Yamaha LCM100


Drive method

Moving magnet type, Linear motor with flat core

Repeat positioning accuracy

+/−0.015 mm (single slider) Note1/

width 0.1 mm (mutual difference among all sliders) Note2


Electromagnetic type / resolution 5 μm

Max. speed

3000 mm/sec

Max. acceleration

2 G

Max. payload

15 kg Note3 Note4

Rated thrust

48 N

Total module length

640 mm (4M) / 480 mm (3M) / 400 mm (for 2MT circulation)

Max. number of combined modules

16 (total length: 10240 mm)

Max. number of sliders

16 (when 16 modules are combined)

Min. pitch between sliders

420 mm

Mutual height difference between sliders

0.08 mm

Max. external size of body cross-section

W 136.5 mm × H 155 mm (including slider)

Bearing method

1 guide rail / 2 blocks (with retainer)

Module weight

12.5 kg (4M) / 9.4 kg (3M) / 7.6 kg (2MT)

Slider weight

2.4 kg / 3.4 kg (when the belt module is used.)

Cable length

3 m / 5 m




Experiencing production issues?
Want to reduce transfer times?
Increase yield?
Save space? 
Lower total costs? 

Then the Yamaha Linear Conveyor Module LCM may be right solution for your operation. 

Key Benefits & Features

  • Improved takt time
  • Excellent maintainability
  • Flexible line configurations
  • Lower running costs
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced transport line space
  • Shorter start-up time
  • Long service life

Reduced Transfer Times

Transfer takt time can be reduced simply by switching to the Yamaha LCM100 linear conveyor in place of a free-flow conveyor or roller conveyor.LCM100 reducetransfertimes

High Speed and High Accuracy Transfer 

Max. speed: 3000 mm/sec.
Max. acceleration: 2G
Max. load mass: 15 kg
Repeated positioning accuracy: +/−0.015 mm (standalone slider) Note
Note. This is the repeated positioning accuracy for a standalone slider when positioning from one direction (single-side approach).
Note. The positioning accuracy for the single-side approach after correction by RFID is 0.1 mm including the mutual difference between sliders.

Increased Yield 

Increase Yield LCM100

 Features and Effectiveness of Modular Production 

 Modular production allows highly flexible line structure. 

 The length of the transfer line can be adjusted freely by adding modules.

Save Equipment Space

Since the movement direction can be changed, the same processes are made common. This makes the equipment compact and results in cost reduction.
- Forward and backward movement at a high speed can be set freely. 
- Flexible actions such as moving only some sliders backward is possible.

LCM100 Save Space 

Learn more about the LCM100 here