New Yamaha Linear Conveyor Module LCM-X Series

The New Yamaha LCM-X linear conveyor module has been engineered with a newly-developed linear motor designed to significantly increase transport accuracy and, acceleration and deceleration performance. Ideal for multiple automated processes including transport, handling and assembly. 



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Drive method

Linear motor with moving magnet type core

Position Search

Full range absolute position detection sensor and full range slider ID detection

Maximum payload

15 kg

Maximum speed

3,000 mm/sec


+/- 5μm

Machine error between robot sliders

+/- 10μm *1

Maximum stroke when connected

Approx. 25 m *2

Maximum number of robot sliders

64 units *2

Minimum spacing between robot sliders


Main body dimensions

Max. external size of body cross-section

W178 × H85 mm (Including robot slider)

Linear module length

200 mm to 1,000 mm (1 module) select every 100 mm.

Robot slider length



Linear module

10 kg [Per 1 m of linear module]

Robot slider


Connection unit


Power supply

Control power supply

DC48V +/- 10%, 75W [Per 1 m of linear module] 

Motor power supply *3

DC48V +/- 10%, approx. 200W [Per 1 robot slider]

Maximum current capacity *4

Total30A [Control power supply: 15Amax., Motor power supply: 30Amax]

Operating environment

Operating temperature

0℃ - 40℃ 

Storage temperature

-10℃ - 65℃

Operating humidity

35% - 85%RH [No condensation]


YHX series *5

Key Benefits & Features 

Centralized control by Universal Controller

A single Universal Controller can control all the sliders in a centralized manner including slider circulation. Capable of cooperative motion with peripheral robots, the Universal Controller enables operators to build up a highly sophisticated transport process.