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Christmas has come early with this unbeatable offer on the E Stencil Printer from DEK. 


From only $42,900 USD, this Stencil Printer from DEK (ASM) can transform your production with an 12 second core cycle time and fast setup changeovers, without costing you a fortune. 

For a limited time only, take advantage of this offer and deck your production halls with this printer, guaranteeing a stable and reliable printing process - even for the latest fine-pitch applications.

Optional features can include:

  • Paste-on-pad verification with the DEK paste roll height monitor
  • Flexibility with a semi-automatic stencil load, edge clamps, and multi-speed conveyor
  • Printing  of oversized boards - up to 620mm
  • Adaptable with the E-Solutions with integrated software solutions for instant line monitoring and traceability 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the E Stencil Printer

Can I use my existing stencils on the DEK Automatic Screen Printer?

The answer is generally yes, but there are some issues to be aware of. The size of the stencil frame needs to be considered and the position of the image. You may need an optional frame adaptor or the AWSM (Adjustable Width Stencil Mount) option depending on the size of your stencil frame. For precise alignment the PCB must have fiducials and the stencil must have half etch fiducials on the underside.


What if my existing stencils don’t have fiducials?

You can use the stencils by using matching apertures in the stencil and matching pads on the PCB. This will not give the most accurate alignment, but if the product does not have any real fine pitch parts or very small apertures, you could use this method.


Are there any special requirements for my PCB panel layout?

 You must have at least 5mm of clear space at the front and rear edges of the PCB to allow for the board clamps.

Are there any special requirements for my fiducial locations on the PCB panel?

Fiducials must be kept away from the board clamp area. Recommend 1.0mm diameter fiducial at least 5mm in from the front and rear edges of the PCB Panel.


Can I process double sided boards in a DEK Automatic Screen Printer?

You certainly can. You will need to carefully place the underside support pins such that they do not interfere with mounted components or you could have the optional Gridlock tooling system. Gridlock adjusts the support pins automatically and is the best approach for densely populated PCB’s.


How easy and quick is the Inline printer to setup and program and changeover?

The machine is quick and simple with an easy GUI, a step through Wizard guides you through the main set up points in regards to PCB size/Fiducial locations/Understencil cleaning options. A new product would take 15-20 mins and an existing product changeover would take around 5 mins.



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Why choose Hawker Richardson?    

Hawker Richardson is well known in the electronic production industry having operated in Australia since 1923.  More than just a supplier of production equipment, we pride ourselves on getting to know our customers so we can understand both their short and long term goals, ensuring we provide them with the best solutions for their business.  In addition to supplying the best production equipment on the market, we also offer a host of services to compliment your investments including:

  • Our talented service team have a total of over 50 year's experience with DEK ASM solutions
  • On-site training, and the flexibility of remote training where required
  • Superior knowledge of production processes
  • Experts in software and installations

Don't just take our word for it 


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Most of our customers choose to take advantage of our service and maintenance package because it provides them with reassurances that if anything were to happen, then we'd ensure they are back up and running quickly.

With the ability to hold an extensive range of spare parts, as well as a team of experts situated across several territories in Australia and New Zealand, we aim to diminish downtime completely.


The most effective way to extend the life and performance of the purchase of your new capital equipment is by receiving engaging product training from our skilled service staff. Our value-added training aids in supporting your business by helping you reach your business goals.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest product advancements ensures you continue to maximise the potential of your system and the solutions it brings to your business.


The help-to-buy scheme has been designed to make it easier to purchase capital equipment for your business.

This flexible payment options can be designed around your requirements* and are 100% applicable to the instant asset write-off.  Terms and conditions apply.  No deposit is required.  Interest is calculated on several variables and so may be different for each business. 

*Finance is subject to approval, and is offered by Atlas Equipment Finance.

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