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X-Ray Machines X-Ray Machines - X-ray Ideal for Universities and Defence

A extensive range of x-ray systems for large capacity high magnification, high resolution applications.


Our range of x-ray systems satisfies the needs for large capacity, high magnification high resolution x-ray applications. Ideal for inspecting for inspecting voids, bridging, opens, bond wire etc on standard smt components, ceramic products, aerospace components, semiconductors, BGA and much more.


Glenbrook X-Ray JewlBox-70T


Superior image quality with excellent resolution

  • Ideal for failure analysis applications 
  • Magnification from 7x to 2000x

GE Phoneix V|tome|x s

GE phoenix vtomex s

High resolution 2D x-ray system

  • Brilliant live images
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications

GE Phoenix Nanotom

main nanotom ct system

Nano CT system for scientific and industrial computed tomography and 3D metrology.

  • Used for a wide range of 3D CT applications.

GE Phoenix Nanome|x


Is an ultra high-resolution nanofocus X-ray inspection system designed for inspecting high-quality assemblies and interconnections in the semiconductor and SMT industries

  • Ideal for electronics industries

GE Phoenix Microme|x

GE machine

 Ideal for real time inspection of solder joints.

  • Detect defects with ease

GE Phoenix X|laminer

GE xaminer

 Inspection of high resolution PCB assemblies.

  •  Easy to use entry level non-destructive testing x-ray system

GE NDT|analysers

main ndt analyser x ray system small

An automatic inspection, high resolution microfocus x-ray system for non- destructive 2D real time x-ray inspection of electronic, mechanic components, sensors, cables, castings and much more.


Unicomp AX8200 X-Ray Machine

Unicomp smaller

 Satisfies the needs for large capacity x-ray applications

  • Ideal for PCB inspection
  • High magnification for larger capacity 

There are many variants and options within the stereo inspection product range, including UV light sources and dedicated PCB inspection workstations. To discuss your particular requirement, please contact Hawker Richardson for more information