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Mantis Compact Stereo Inspection Microscope - PCB Inspector

Hawker Richardson is the Australian & New Zealand Distributor for Vision Engineering

Mantis Compact is a low magnification stereo inspection microscope, providing truly superb 3-D imaging with unparalleled ease and comfort. Featuring Vision Engineering's patented ‘eyepieceless’ optical technology, Mantis Compact is the low magnification stereo viewer of choice for a wide range of inspection, manipulation or rework tasks requiring magnification.

The mantis range of stereo microscopes are used in a very wide range of industries especially when high performance magnification or precision measurement is required.
Ideally suited for highly specialised applications in a wide range of industries, including electronics, medical devices, CSSD, plastic and rubber, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, defence, packaging, green technology, biomedical, dentistry, hair restoration, watchmaking, jewellery, art & antiquities.

Since its introduction, Vision Engineering's Mantis has become the accepted standard for ergonomics and high performance magnification, with over 150,000 units installed worldwide, many 100’s installed by Hawker Richardson in Australia & New Zealand.

  • x2, x4, x6 and x8 quick change magnification options
  • Superior ergonomics for improved productivity and increased throughput
  • Superb hand-eye co-ordination for inspection and manipulation tasks
  • Long working distances for easy sample manipulation and rework
  • True colour, LED illumination


Choice of stands

mantis compact arms

Flexible universal arm with small footprint;
Versatile articulated arm for applications requiring extended reach;
Rigid bench stand for added stability or illumination options.


Patented optical technology

Vision Engineering’s patented ‘spatial imaging’ technology removes the need for conventional microscope eyepieces, providing truly amazing stereo imaging, with an ergonomic advantage over conventional ‘eyepiece’ stereo microscopes, eliminating eye fatigue and allowing the operator greater comfort, leading to improved operator accuracy, greater productivity and increased throughput.


Objective Lenses Working Distance Field of View
2x 167mm 45.0mm
4x 96mm 27.5mm
6x 73mm 19.2mm
8x 58.5mm 14.3mm






Hawker Richardson is the Australian & New Zealand Distributor for Vision Engineering, call or email for solution to suit your requirements.