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Lynx EVO Eyepiece-less Stereo Microscope 

                                                                                        LYNX EVO stereo microscope

For nearly 10 years the Lynx stereo microscope has been a market leader for the past decade and sold to multinational companies who manufacture mobile phones, medical devices, telecoms, dental accessories and much more.

Introducing the next generation eyepiece-less stereo microscope Lynx EVO. The Lynx Evo brings you the latest leap forward in microscope ergonomics and eyepiece-less technology. Superior ergonomics benefit postural comfort, eye comfort, hand to eye co-ordination and environmental safety control that enhance both the user's experience and work to unlock efficiencies and sustained quality of work.

Advanced optics and a 10:1 zoom ratio provide a bright clear view of subjects at magnifications up to 120x. Lynx EVO is available with a range of accessories making it easily customisable for the most demanding applications.


  • Patented ergonomic eyepiece-less head for fatigue-free viewing
  • Bright, clear, three dimensional stereo view with enhanced depth perception
  • 120x maximum magnification
  • 10:1 zoom ratio for greater flexibility and longer working distances
  • High Definition Smart Cam camera module for high definition imaging (optional)
  • Amazing 360° rotating viewer giving a 34° oblique view around components
  • Ability to wear spectacles for eye correction or safety


The table below displays the relationship between magnification and working distance. As magnification increases, the working distance decreases. With the Lynx EVO’s 10:1 zoom ratio, it is possible to achieve a longer working distance at many magnifications by choosing a lower powered objective and increasing the zoom.


Objective lenses Magnification range Working distance
0.45x 2.7x - 27x 176mm
0.62x 3.7x- 37x 128mm
1.0x  6.0x - 60x 75mm
1.5x 9.0x - 90x 42mm
2.0x 12.0 - 120x 29mm


DOWNLOAD Lynx Evo Eye-pieceless Microscope Brochure Here


From forensics to fibre optics, solar cells and packaging, the Lynx EVO can be utilised for thousands of inspection tasks. Notes on a section of popular applications are listed below.

 Microscope applications electronicsELECTRONICS:

Lynx EVO microscopes are ideal for electronics, including PCB inspection and rework. Lynx EVO viewing head provides unrivalled 3D view and ergonomic advantages of easy hand to eye coordination.  


From stents to catheters, medical device components require 100% inspection to ensure every product sent out meets the exacting product specifications. Lynx Microcope applications Medical DevicesEVO is excellent for critical manual inspection because of its excellent image contrast and low user fatigue.


microscope applications precision engineeringPrecision engineered components are often critical components and utilised in industries such as aerospace and automotive. Lynx EVO's clear view and ergonomics are ideal for critical inspection for defects as they aid visual accuracy and minimise errors caused by user fatigue.



Rubber seals, packaging, caps and closures are designed and precision manufactured to make them work effectively. Rework, such as the removal of flash fromStereo microscope applications plastics the injection mould process may also be required, meaning Lynx EVO's long working distance is essential.



Stereo microscopes for Laboratory Life Sciences Sample preparation and dissection in a laboratory is made safer and easier with Lynx EVO. The eyepiece-less viewing head not only allows protective goggles or glasses to be worn but also allows the Lynx EVO to be used when placed in a laminar flow cabinet.