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Lynx Stereo Inspection Microscope

Hawker Richardson is the Australian & New Zealand Distributor for Vision Engineering

microscope for PCB inspection

Lynx is a unique eyepieceless stereo zoom microscope offering 3-D viewing for intricate tasks requiring high-resolution stereo viewing. Featuring a range of options including image capture, Lynx is used in a wide range of industry applications such as general manufacturing, electronics, precision engineering and medical devices.

The eyepieceless optics of Lynx significantly increase head freedom and eye relief, reducing operator stress and fatigue over long periods of time.


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  • Patented optical technology provides superb hand-to-eye coordination for manipulation tasks
  • Superior ergonomics allows for significantly reduced fatigue and increased quality and productivity
  • x3.5 - x120 stereo zoom magnification range (x7 - x40 standard) provides clear, sharp images
  • Modular design allows for easy addition of accessories, including image capture options
  • Long life 14 point LED illuminator lasts for up to 10,000 hours

Choice of stands

Adjustable, swing away, boom mount for easy transport.
Rigid bench stand for added stability or illumination options.

microscope for PCB inspection microscope for PCB inspection microscopes for PCB inspection

Patented optical technology

Vision Engineering’s patented Dynascope™ technology removes the need for conventional microscope eyepieces. Providing truly amazing stereo imaging, our technology has an ergonomic advantage over conventional ‘eyepiece’ stereo microscopes. This advantage eliminates eye fatigue and allowing the operator greater comfort, leading to improved operator accuracy, greater productivity and increased throughput.

Zoom Range Working
  with x1.5 multiplier with x2 multiplier
x0.5 x3.5 - x20 x5.3 - x30 x7.0 - x40 177mm
x0.7 x4.9 - x28 x7.4 - x42 x9.8 - x56 130mm
x1.0 x7.0 - x40 x10.5 - x60 x14 - x80 85mm
x1.5 x10.5 - x60 x15.8 - x90 x21 - x120 47mm
Field of View at MAX Zoom
  with x1.5 multiplier with x2 multiplier
x0.5 6.7mm 4.3mm 3.3mm
x0.7 4.8mm 3.2mm 2.4mm
x1.0 3.5mm 2.3mm 1.7mm
x1.5 2.3mm 1.5mm 1.2mm
Field of View at MIN Zoom
  with x1.5 multiplier with x2 multiplier
x0.5 38.0mm 25.3mm 19.0mm
x0.7 27.0mm 18.0mm 13.5mm
x1.0 18.7mm 12.5mm 9.4mm
x1.5 12.9mm 8.6mm 6.5mm

Hawker Richardson is the Australian & New Zealand Distributor for Vision Engineering, call or email for solution to suit your requirements.