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Xpress Field of View Measuring System - Microscope Camera

Ultra-fast FOV Video Measuring System

Hawker Richardson is the Australian & New Zealand Distributor for Vision Engineering

xpress field of view measuring system

The Xpress is a 2D measurement of small components parts up to 70mm in length. By measuring within the field of view, measurement can be taken in an instant. Variance between operators is eliminated, there is absolutely no requirement to position and focus the sample which not only takes time, the entire sample is viewed within a large field of view (57mm x 43mm with Xpress 70).

Field of view (FOV) measurement uses a specially designed high resolution video camera to measure components within the optical field of view compared to alternative methods such as profile projectors as well as video measuring machines and measuring microscopes. Learn more about FOV measurement here.

With an exceptionally large depth of field, your sample is always in focus, regardless of height differences, making Xpress the faster, more convenient, more friendly way to measure.

With Xpress, there is no need to position the part, or even adjust the focus. All you need to do is place the part within the field of view, and then run the programme. Hundreds of measurements are taken (within the field of view) in seconds. Xpress is ideal for customers who require the fastest, simplest way to accurately measure their component parts.


Measuring small part

Parts can be placed anywhere within FOV


Xpress is ideally suited to profile measurement of small, flat components such as pressed parts, washers, gaskets, seals, O-rings, connectors, sectioned extruded materials, low density circuit boards and flexible circuits, as well as thin parts, including bottle tops, medical tubing, small medical devices, housings, syringes, plus much more.


Some examples of what the Xpress can measure:

    FOV measuring ideal for connectors  FOV measuring ideal for small plastic parts  FOV measuring ideal for pressed parts 

             CONNECTORS                     SMALL PLASTICS                      O-RINGS