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Swift 2-Axis Video Measuring Microscope

Swift is one of the most intuitive, easy to use video measuring systems available.

Hawker Richardson is the Australian & New Zealand Distributor for Vision Engineering

2 axis video measuring system

Designed as a powerful, yet simple video measuring system, Swift provides fast and accurate measurement of both routine and complex precision component parts, suitable for shop-floor and manufacturing inspection applications.

Small footprint, big impact.

Swift is the perfect starting point to upgrade your measurement and inspection capabilities and improve your quality control routines... on a budget.

Simple, compact, accurate

With space at a premium, Swift doesn't take up much room, yet can make a big difference to your production quality. Rugged in construction, the unit has been designed to cope with the demands of a busy production environment.

2-axis video measuring system, ideal for measuring 2-D features of small, intricate parts
Low capital investment, high accuracy measurement system
Next generation 'touch-to-measure' measurement software
Modular construction allows future upgrade option of combined video and microscope measurement technologies

Swift features 'next generation' multi-touch measurement software, featuring 'touch-to-measure' technology, making Swift exceptionally intuitive, easy to operate and easy to learn.

'Touch-to-measure' means that in addition to conventional mouse control, you can 'pinch' to zoom, 'swipe' to pan across an image and 'touch' to take a measurement. You can even trace your finger around a complex shape to 'see' the feature.

2 axis measuring system

Icon-based touch-screen control provides users with smartphone familiarity, with a Windows 7-based operating system allows for simple integration with applications such as Microsoft Excel (not included), or connection to network printers etc.