Vision Engineering Mantis Compact Stereo Microscope

The Mantis Compact is an ergonomic 3D imaging stereo microscope featuring no eyepiece to reduce user fatigue and promote high-quality work.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 2x, 4x, 5x and 8x quick change magnification options
  • Patented eyepiece-less design eliminates user fatigue and boosts productivity
  • Long working distance and large field of view
  • Crisp, true-to-life colour LED illumination 
  • Choice of stands to suit variety of applications

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Optical data

Objective Lenses

Working Distance

Field of View
















20 LEDs

9,400 LUX

(bench stand only)

58 LEDs

2,700 LUX


Stand Dimensions

 Universal Stand Dimensions

Universal Stand

A = 565mm - 775mm
B = 335mm - 545mm
C = 395mm - 605mm
D = 110mm - 320mm

 Bench Stand Dimensions

Bench Stand

A = 475mm - 608mm
B = 300mm
C = 380mm
D = 330mm
E = 256mm max, less working distance

 Articulated Arm Dimensions

Articulated Arm

A = 880mm
B = 430mm
C = 510mm
D = 650mm

    = 800mm with secondary link (optional)
E = 290mm

 Floor Stand Dimensions

Floor Stand

A = 1390mm
B = see Articulated Arm


Ultra Violet Illumination

Ultra Violet Illumination

Mantis Compact visual inspection microscope UV

With Mantis Compact UV, the standard 20 white light LEDs of the Mantis Compact are replaced with 20 UVA LEDs (2.4mW/cm², with wavelength peak at 375 ± 5 nanometers).

Superb 3D optics make Mantis Compact UV ideal for a wide range of non-destructive testing, crack & fatigue detection, conformal coating inspection of PCB's, UV medical adhesives & general UV inspection tasks.

- Superb stereo vision gives unsurpassed crack and coating visibility.
- Fast and accurate fault detection.
- Enhanced productivity and reduced scrap rates.

Floating Stage

Mantis Compact Floating Stage 400

Floating Stage

Provides smooth and sensitive control allowing samples to be accurately inspected. For use with bench stand only.

Objective Lens

Mantis Compact Objective Lens 400

Objective Lens

2x, 4x, 6x and 8x quick-change objective lenses are available, to suit different application requirements.

- Simply 'twist and lock' to change the objective lens.
- Disposable lens protection caps are available to protect your objective lens from damage when soldering, or in aggressive environments.

Secondary Link, For Articulated Arm

Secondary Link, For Articulated Arm

Keep the workspace clear. A secondary link increases total reach of the articulated arm to 800mm, for ultimate flexibility and manoeuvrability.

Choice of four stand configurations:

Universal Stand

mantis compact universal stand 400s

Universal Stand
Counter-balanced universal stand offering flexibility and small footprint.

Bench Stand

Mantis Compact visual inspection microscope Bench stand 400s

Bench Stand
Offering unmatched stability with integral focus and dimmable substage illumination.

Articulated Arm

Articulated Arm
For applications requiring extended reach, without compromising stability. Maximum reach of 800mm, with optional secondary link.

Mantis Compact with Articulated Arm 400s

Floor Stand

Floor Stand
The floor stand (for use with articulated arm) is specifically designed for stereo inspection where subjects are immobile or require a standing position. Mobile and highly stable, the floor stand provides a versatile option for Mantis operators.

Mantis Compact visual inspection microscope floorStand 400s - 360° movement around the base
- Lift, swing, tilt and rotate capability


The Mantis Compact is a true stereo microscope, with the added benefit of no eyepieces. Twin optical paths pass through the patented optics of the Mantis, exiting the single viewing lens as separate (stereo) optical paths, just as they would with a conventional stereo microscope.

There is no magic, no electronic manipulation, just a high contrast, high resolution microscope image, without the hassle of eyepieces.


The Mantis Compact is a popular choice for a wide range of industries including:

- Precision magnification tasks
- Quality control
- Electronics inspection
- Medical, including CSSD
- Dental rework
- Hair restoration
- Jewellery & watchmaking
- Art & antiquities 

Improved Ergonomics = Increased Productivity + Profits

Designed with an ergonomic body position, the Mantis Compact offers ease of use, comfort and significantly reduces user fatigue. With no microscope eyepieces, operators achieve greater hand-eye coordination, increased throughput, accuracy and reduced scrap and rework.

Offering effortless 3D viewing, the apparent distance to the viewed object image is identical to that of the real object, which eliminates re-focussing of the operator’s eye and thus reduces eyestrain and fatigue.

Businesses choose Mantis because they know their operators are more efficient, more accurate and more productive. Businesses reap the benefits of better quality of work, increased productivity and profits.