Vision Engineering DRV-Z1 Digital 3D Imaging System

This exciting new 3D technology without glasses, offered by our DRV (Deep Reality Viewer) digital 3D product range, is a result of Vision Engineering’s sustained investment in optical and digital R&D.

DRV-Z1 is a digital stereo 3D viewer with zoom that brings together the benefits of optical stereo microscopy and digital technology into a single unique system.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 6x – 186x magnification
  • Digital stereo 3D with vivid depth perception
  • Remote viewing of stereo 3D images in real-time
  • Globally patented 3D technology
  • 10:1 zoom ratio for greater flexibility of application
  • Long working distances and low light requirement
  • Users able to wear spectacles for eye correction or safety

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 DRV Z1 objective lens 120x125

Objective lens


Choose from a range of objective lenses to provide the desired magnification range or working distance. Objective lenses incorporate anti-reflection coatings
to enhance imaging performance.


DRV Z1 illumination kit 120x125

Sub-stage Illumination kit

Can be retro-fitted to the Long base.

DRV Z1 Vision 0000838b 72dpi

Short base

Easy for inspection of small parts allowing for long working distance

Subjects can be placed directly on the workbench for maximum clear working area



DRV Z1 long base 72dpi

Long base

Standard base with ability to add integral dimmable sub-stage illumination.

Permits the inspection of large samples

Reversible subject plate for black or white background



DRV Z1 Vision 0000815 2 72dpi

Long base with sub-stage illumination

Transmitted (substage) illumination permits viewing in a wider range of applications in electronics, life sciences, films and plastics.




Please see the brochure for all of the technical specifications here

3D View enhances quality and productivity

DRV-Z1 digital stereo 3D image provides a comfortable and natural view of the subject. Creating an image using innovative optical and digital configurations DRV-Z1 delivers 3D view with sharp details, vivid colour and contrast.

Long working distance, large field of view and wide zoom range makes DRV-Z1 suitable for a broad range of applications and supports precise hand-to-eye co-ordination and the use of tools.

DRV-Z1’s ergonomic design enables good posture and reduced fatigue improving productivity, work quality and user comfort.

Easy to use

DRV-Z1 requires minimal setup, and is remarkably easy to use with familiar controls designed specifically for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. Very little training is required, with full user benefits achieved quickly.

New levels of collaboration in 3D

DRV-Z1 is the first 3D stereo digital display that allows remote viewing, capture and sharing of the image. The ability to share live 3D images in real time across networks creates completely new opportunities for collaboration between customers, colleagues and suppliers.

Components, parts and products can be viewed in real-time between departments, customers, manufacturers, designers and suppliers locally or around the world. DRV-Z1’s faster and more accurate reporting and sharing contribute to faster, better informed decision making.

This new level of collaboration removes geographical barriers, enables innovative ways of working, and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of essential operational processes such as rapid prototyping and quality control.

Why ergonomics is important

  • Freedom of head movement - Vision Engineering’s patented digital technology doesn’t restrict head movement, and so reduces short and long-term neck and back strain. DRV-Z1 takes this concept to a new level, increasing the freedom of head movement through extra-large exit pupils.
  • A natural view of the subject - DRV-Z1 delivers a widescreen digital stereo 3D image, enabling users to sit back from the viewer, providing a more natural view. DRV-Z1 delivers superb image quality, irrespective of whether the user wears prescription glasses or not.
  • Easy hand-eye-co-ordination - With Vision Engineering’s patented 3D viewing technology, operators enjoy a peripheral vision that enhances natural hand-to-eye co-ordination, critical for precision inspection tasks, re-work, repair, dissection and other manipulation tasks.




Image quality

Designed for inspection and manufacturing applications, DRV-Z1’s stereo digital image provides a natural 3D view, with high definition resolution and excellent subject clarity, enabling better quality inspection.

Unique 3D without glasses

For the first time in a digital system, DRV-Z1’s patented technology provides real depth perception, supporting the use of tools for subject manipulation, soldering and reworking. Uniquely, the 3D image is seen without the need for special glasses.

Ergonomic benefits

DRV-Z1’s ergonomic benefits, including freedom of head movement, natural subject view, comfortable working position, easy hand-to-eye co-ordination and ability to wear prescription eye glasses, if required, all contribute to improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

Communication across sites

For organisations with multiple locations and whose supply network is geographically spread out, DRV-Z1’s 3D image view, capture and sharing enables productivity improvement and new opportunities in collaboration via real time digital connectivity.