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The new screw feeding system introduced by Weber entails a screw driving system SEV-C for Human-robot collaboration applications.

Reason behind its development, Karl Bujnowski, Managing Director of WEBER: “These days, assembly processes often have to be completed in very confined spaces and involve complex environmental variables. Furthermore, developments in the collaborative interaction of humans and machines are also continuing. The HRC screwdriving system SEV-C is WEBER’s response to these questions about future screwdriving and connection technologies. Safety, efficiency and quality – all combined in one revolutionary screwdriving system.”

The new HRC screwdriving system SEV-C consists of a screwdriving spindle, automatic feed and an intelligent control unit. Screwdriving processes are completed at the same time and in the same space.

The system includes an innovative safety concept:

+ the SEV-C is surrounded by a rounded protective cover that is free of sharp edges

+ the nosepiece of the screwdriving spindle has a protective sheath and an integrated safety switch

+ all hoses, feed systems and sensors are routed in a closed cable package

+ clearly visible LED strips are installed on the side surfaces of the protective cover, indicating the system’s status and providing visual warning functions

Furthermore, a universal adapter ensures that the SEV-C fits precisely and securely onto all common robot models.

Bujnowski: “Our new screwdriving system SEV-C is testimony to WEBER’s decades of experience in the field of screwdriving and feed technology, particularly with regard to the construction of special machines. This means that we give the customer the possibility of realizing visionary assembly processes within the framework of a safe, collaborative human-robot workplace. Efficiency thanks to extremely short cycle times is the core promise that we give our customers. With the screwdriving system SEV-C, WEBER is paving the way for an ongoing expansion of the number of fields in which HRC technology is used. I’m pleased that at ”automatic” we were able to hold numerous discussions with potential users and that the first concrete project ideas have taken shape from these.