Productronica 2021 Highlights 

We have listed a couple of the latest news items from Productronica so we can share what's new and therefore what solutions we can expect to see in the short to medium term.

Yoav Stern   Solderstar   Vision4KMakrolite 

Yoav Stern Sheds Light on the Strategy Behind the Nano Dimension and Essemtec Merger

We recently shared the news about the Nano Dimension and Essemtec merger which you can see here. Trevor Gailbraith from Global SMT & Packaging interviewed Yoav Stern (Chairman of the Board and CEO at Nano Dimension) at Productronica to find out if there is a strategy behind the merger, as well as what we can expect to see over the coming months and into 2022.  See the full interview here.  Forward to time stamp: 11.30

3D boards with mounted Components

During th interview Yoav confirmed the existing solutions will remain supported, but the focus on the future will be developing the 3D printing technology.  Building on the technology that Essemtec has already established, Yoav and his team will use this to provide a solution that prints multi-layer, 3D boards in different shapes by mounting from the side and utilising different angles.

Watch this space!



Solderstar launch new datalogger at their stand at Productronica

Solderstar has been developing their solution in the last year (during lockdown) to provide an even better datalogger which not only benefits from 12 measurements, but it is also autoconfigurable.

Although the new Solderstar SLX Datalogger has been updated, it still can be used with the original shuttle units for convection, vapour phase, wave and selective ovens. 


Some of the feedback from Solderstar's customers has led to the devlopment of autoconfigurability.  Whether its used in convection, vapour phase, wave or selective technology, the datalogger includes advanced smart adapters to allow profiling of soldering machines with zero setup and configuration.  

What is more, the new SLX Datalogger benefits from 12 memories so the datalogger can be utilised to capture much more data before it needs downloading.  Additional sensors such as vibration can also be used as well as the existing thermocouples and contact sensors.


In addition to hardware updates, Solderstar has also updated the software which now features integrated tools for automatic profile setup and checking, and a Statistical Process Control tool to leverage profile data for trend analysis and prediction of process problems before they happen. 

We will be updating our Solderstar pages to refelect the new software and hardware options.


Vision Enginnering Launch the Makrolite 4K Digital Micropscope at Productronica

The Makrolite with 4K resolution (4x greater than Full HD) and a 20:1 optical zoom, is an easy to use digital inspection microscope with UHD image quality.

Makrolite 4K is flexible, easy to use, and provides high definition video images with a wide dynamic range and up to 330x magnification.

Ideal for challenging subjects

Makrolite 4K’s wide dynamic range is ideally suited for inspection of subjects that are highly reflective such as electro-polished finishes and solder joints, and subjects where details are often lost in areas of shadow, highlights or poor contrast such as black plastics and ceramics.

Available in Two Versions - Stand alone or PC based systems

Available in two versions, the console configuration provides direct HDMI connection to the monitor for live display with full control of zoom and all camera settings.

Alternatively, connecting Makrolite 4K to a PC with our dimensioning software, ViPlus, extends its capabilities to include image capture, annotation, on-screen measurement, live overlays, data/image report generation and a range of image processing tools 

We will be updating our Vision Engineering pages to refelect the new product/s offering.

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