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An effective internal business management system is critical to ensuring customers receive the highest quality products and services.

Organisations dedicated to providing and maintaining the highest standard of products and services have long invested in quality-assurance certification programs. These programs are designed to help organisations ensure they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders, whilst meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to their products or services.

The global standard for quality assurance certification is ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Each year, organisations worldwide undergo rigorous review and consultation to obtain ISO quality-assurance certification, which is conducted by an external and independent consultation company. 

For over a decade, Hawker Richardson has each year undergone and successfully obtained ISO quality-assurance certification, specifically the ISO 9000 quality management system certification. 

ISO 9000 provides a structured yet flexible framework for a customer focused business management system that drives business performance improvement. The certification has greatly contributed to providing and maintaining the highest quality products and services, improving risk management, ensuring product safety and improved processes, that has led to increased consumer confidence and customer satisfaction. 

The standard covers all aspects of an organisation's activities, including identifying its key processes, defining roles and responsibilities, policies and objectives, documentation requirements, the importance of understanding and meeting customer requirements, communication, resource requirements, training, purchasing, servicing, customer satisfaction, internal audit, management review, and improvement processes.

We also strive to partner with suppliers who carry current ISO certification. This adds another level of assurance that at every stage of product development,  the highest quality standards are achieved and maintained. 

Hawker Richardson is currently certified with the current 2018, ISO9001-2015 standard certification. 

To obtain a copy of our certification or for any questions regarding our certification, contact our QA Manager John Barabasz here.