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Are you assembling sheet-metal parts or joining material using the conventional fastening techniques?

Do you want to learn of a more economical and easy way to clinch sheet metal parts without the use of spot welding, pop riveting or screws? If so, then read on. 

Tog-L-Loc® by BTM joins sheet metal and related clinching tools without the expense of welding or purchased fasteners by simply joining the part’s own material. Assembly cost is significantly reduced by drawing and forming the part material into an interlock. Its and environmentally friendly process that does not produce sparks, harmful fumes or damaging heat.

Tog-L-Loc® is a process known as clinching which cold-forms the part metal using a special punch and die to form a strong interlocking clinch joint. The result of the process is a round, button shaped extrusion on the die side of the assembly, and a small cylindrical cavity on the punch side. The clinch joint requires only the sheet metals that were joined. No external fasteners, or welding is utilised in the process.



Tog-L-Loc has many features and benefits. Here are some just to name a few:

• Joins plain, coated, and dissimilar metals - without burning the coating.
• A clinching process - No rivets, screws, or other fasteners are used.
• Eliminates spot welding operations.
• Long tool life: 300,000 joints common.
• Joints are created in a single press stroke.
• Non-Destructive testing with a simple gage.
• Strong, leak-proof joints are highly fatigue resistant.
• Environmentally Friendly process - Creates no sparks, fumes, or soot

BTM offers a broad range of Hand Held Units (HHUs) to suit your particular production assembly requirements. These units are designed to provide easy access to a broad range of difficult to reach clinch locations in minimum cycle time.
Each unit has a certain advantage with regard to total cost of ownership. Units come in pneumatically operated, Air/oil booster operated, hydraulic pump operated and battery operated.

If you are after an economical way to metal clinch then please call us on 03 8369 6600 to discuss your applications.