SMT Placement Comparison


This infographic shows a comparison between downtime costs and lifetime values of two placement systems, both prominent brands including a Yamaha YSM20R. Designed to demonstrate the long-term lifetime value, this data is key to demonstrating the benefits of investing in a Yamaha placement system, by showing the accumulation of payback over a typical lifecycle for this product.

Calculations are based on a mean board value of $150 of 500 components with placement speeds of 30,000 and 22,000 per hour, equating to production values of $16,380,000 AUD and $12,012,000 AUD per year.   Repairs are based on the accumulation of variables in the table below, equating to an average downtime production value of 8 days, including parts delivery for Yamaha and 36 days (28 days for parts delivery) for the other leading brand.


Diagram cropped3

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