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Cleco Pneumatic Angle Nutrunners 19 Series

Cleco’s 19 Series angle nutrunners are available in both clutch and stall styles.

The innovative range is ideal for light to medium-duty assembly applications, making them a popular choice within the automotive, manufacturing, appliance and aerospace industries.

For operators seeking high accuracy and repeatability, the clutch models are ideal. Featuring a Clecomatic clutch which shuts-off as soon as the desired torque is reached. This action provides an accurate method of controlling torque without sacrificing tool speed.

Cleco’s stall-type nutrunner is designed for applications where precise torque control is not required. Instead of a clutch, the output spindle is coupled to the last stage of gearing. Torque output may be reasonably controlled by regulating air flow to the tool.

Packed with clever features, the Cleco 19 Series is the new addition to the range and has been specifically designed to reduce energy costs, prolong operating life, contains fewer replacement parts and to lower service costs.


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Key Benefits & Features

- Torque range: 0.5-11nm (Clutch) 3.2-6.2nm (Stall)
- Light to medium-duty applications
- Best-in-class accuracy and repeatability
- Reversible and non-reversible options
- Ergonomically designed with comfortable handle and externally adjusted and indicated clutch