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Orbitform Orbital Riverting Powerhead Model M-1000

Orbitform’s M-1000 hydraulic powerhead is designed for large-sized work piece orbital riveting and orbital cold forming assembly processes.     

Built to last, the M-1000 is made in the USA and features only the finest quality components. Commonly used to form spindle shafts, and assemble large automotive hinges, robust brake components, seat track products and other large scale riveted assemblies. 

Applications with similar orbital riveting or orbital forming force but require extended vertical clearance for part loading may benefit from the extended stroke hydraulic powerhead M-1006 model.

The M-1006 Orbitform powerhead has a total tool stroke distance of 6 in (152 mm) that is adjustable between 3 in to 6 in (76 mm to 152 mm).

All Orbitform products can be customised to suit the unique requirements of the operator. Contact Hawker Richardson today to find out more. 


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Head Forming Capacity

1.0” (25.5mm)

Max Downward Force

8164.66kgs @ 100 PSI

Max Stroke



Key Benefits & Features

  • Electric motor with pre-wired 4-pin and 5-pin "mini-change" male connector (alternate voltage specifications available upon request).
  • Orbital head.
  • Peen developed and tested for each application.
  • Home switch to acknowledge when the tool is fully retracted.
  • Limit switch to acknowledge when the tool is extended to the desired position.
  • Deceleration switch.
  • Stroke adjustment knob on top of the powerhead with indicator mounted on the side of the powerhead to help operator establish the stroke distance of the machine.
  • Orbitform powerheads are “lubed-for-life” with lifetime bearing and seal lubrication which reduces maintenance and equipment downtime.

All Orbitform powerheads can be customised to suit your specific requirements with optional extras and modifications including electrical, mechanical, error proofing, process monitoring, process control and forming options.