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Orbitform Orbital Riverting Bench Machine Model B-750

Orbitform’s B-750 bench machine is designed for medium to large work piece orbital riveting, radial riveting and wobble riveting.

Built to last, the B-750 is made in the USA and features quality components including orbital forming modular powerhead, orbital head with developed peen, adjustable column, base with t-slots for easy fixture mounting and complete controls.

Commonly used to assemble robust hinges, large brackets, brake components, industrial hand tools, automotive foot pedals, ball stud assemblies and other medium to large scale riveted assemblies.

Servo powerhead option available.

All Orbitform products can be customised to suit the unique requirements of the operator. Contact Hawker Richardson today to find out more. 


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Throat Depth

9.0” (228.6mm)

Head Forming Capacity

.750” (19mm)

Max Downward Force

3406.47kgs @ 100 PSI

Max Stroke

2.5 “(63.5mm)


Key Benefits & Features

  • Powerhead with electric motor and orbital head with peen, developed and tested for each application.
  • Column and base assembly with 5" (127 mm) vertical powerhead height adjustment and t-slot base, for increased flexibility in machine setup and fixturing.
  • HMI touch panel for enhanced diagnostics.
  • Directional valve with dual pilot operated (PO) check to prevent powerhead drifting.
  • Dual low actuation force palm buttons for cycling the machine.
  • Pneumatic solenoid valves to assist with smooth and exact fluid motion.
  • Filter-regulator unit with gauge to keep the air supply clean and protect the machines components.
  • Digital adjustable dwell timer.
  • Resettable cycle counter to keep track of machine cycles.
  • Electrical enclosure with disconnect switch.
  • Illuminated power on selector switch.
  • Programmable logic controller.

Additional Information 

Applications with similar orbital riveting or orbital forming force but require extended vertical clearance for part loading may benefit from the extended stroke Orbitform powerhead models B-753.  

The B-753 Orbitform powerhead has a total tool stroke distance of 3.0 in (76 mm) that is adjustable between 0 in to 3.0 in (0 mm to 76 mm).

All Orbitform bench machines can be customised to suit your specific requirements with optional extras and modifications including electrical, mechanical, error proofing, process monitoring, process control and forming options.