Heavy-Duty Air Motors

What We Offer

Cleco heavy-duty air motors are a popular choice worldwide and are used to power air-driven machinery, raise foundry copes and drags, rotate turntables, mix paint, power cranes, plus much more.

Hawker Richardson offers three types of heavy-duty air motors.

Start reaping the benefits of a powerful and reliable air motor solution. Contact Hawker Richardson today to find the perfect motor for your business.


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Cleco’s radial piston motors are built for heavy-duty and continuous applications. Thriving in tough environments and temperatures up to 93 degrees Celsius, the outstanding range requires minimal maintenance.

Cleco radial piston motors easily manage heavy starting loads. The overlap of power impulses provides even torque and full power in either rotation direction — at least two pistons are always engaged on power stroke.

When you need a lightweight air motor that performs in harsh environments, Cleco axial piston motors are the ideal solution.

Made in the USA, Cleco axial piston motors are rugged in construction featuring an enclosed design that is reliable in dusty and corrosive environments. It also powers through intense heat, up to 93 degrees Celsius.

Featuring high torque allowing for heavy starting loads and stop-start operation. Generous spindle bearings allow for overhung weight with no external support.

This is an air motor that provides long-term performance with minimal maintenance.

Powerful and durable, Cleco’s rotary vane motors are built tough. Finding your perfect fit is easy, with two varieties available: the large Cleco MR (1.0 to 7.5HP) with spring loaded blades and the small to medium sizes (.14 to 2.3HP).

These air motors provide a wide range of speeds and torque, as well as your choice of foot, face or flange mounting. Multiple blade rotors create smooth power to help you work quickly and easily.