Stanley Electric Crowfoot Head Screwdriver/Nutrunner E/EA Series

A global force in the manufacture of tools, Stanley offers the innovative E/EA Series of screwdrivers/nutrunners, capable of achieving a torque range of 1.2-690nm.

Renowned for their high speed, high accuracy and low weight, the Stanley E/EA Series offers exceptional versatility including integration with control systems or stand-alone applications for quality-critical and safety-critical threaded fastener applications.

Real-time monitoring, analysis, diagnostics and configurations are available, factory-wide, with networkable controls. Click on the tabs below to discover more.


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The performance of a DC electric tool is largely dependent on the performance of its controller. The Stanley QB Controller range includes 4 controller models with different hardware and software features to match the customer’s needs, such as error proofing, simple or complex networking, single, 2-spindle or multiples (up to 24 spindles).

When interfacing with an instrumented DC tool, the software you use is of the utmost importance. Software issues can halt production, costing operators time and money.

A key feature is the ‘Alpha Embedded Toolbox’, which is used to program strategies, collect fastening cycle and trace data, and perform online diagnostics of the tool and controller. Controllers can be setup from the front panel or a computer’s web browser using the toolbox ethernet connection. One controller can store as many as 99 tasks with as many as 12 steps per task.

Offering convenience and flexibility, the QB controllers will run the E, EA, EB and EC series tools. Several display options are available from a basic LCD screen to touch screen capability.

 Stanley QB Controller Family

The α BASIC is an entry-level controller with simple tightening strategies and error proofing, 24V I/O Integration & serial port. It’s the ideal upgrade for operators with simple air tool applications and are wanting to achieve more accuracy.

The α STANDARD is a mid-range controller with simple tightening strategies & smart steps, simple error proofing, 24V I/O Integration, serial networking, Ethernet & USB port and data/trace retrieval. It provides the flexibility of assignable I/O interfacing with a line side PLC, serial networking and remote programming with joint analysis through the all-new α tb Applications, with smart steps to assist in solving fastening issues.

The α ADVANCED is a high end, stand-alone controller with a larger colour display, advanced tightening strategies and smart steps, embedded PLC for complex error proofing, fieldbus or 24V I/O integration, Ethernet networking, USB port, switched ports to connect to a trailing spindle (Node or Advanced), or to connect an Advanced to an Expert controller. It has a variety of Automotive, Aerospace and Heavy Industry applications where advanced strategies can solve fastening issues.

The α EXPERT is a high end, stand-alone controller or lead controller as part of a multiple, fixtured system. Featuring a large touchscreen colour display, the EXPERT can store up to 255 jobs and 99 tasks with up to 12 steps per task. Smart phones, tablets and computers can all be connected to the Alpha toolbox wirelessly. Performs all fastening strategies including advanced yield control, rate control and torque averaging.

Key Benefits & Features

  • 1.2-690NM torque range
  • Ergonomic design increases user comfort and mitigates injury
  • Angle, vertical, pistol and inline triggers available
  • Reliable and built-to-last with quality components and design
  • Choice of 4 controllers designed for every application and requirement
  • Extensive real-time monitoring and diagnostic capabilities


A key feature of the Stanley brand is their ongoing commitment to manufacturing products that are reliable and built-to-last. Customers experience significant cost and time savings over the lifetime of their products, from lowering costs on materials and labour, to reducing set-up times, fastening, rework and maintenance.

This all comes down to quality componentry and design. For example, cables are often a weak point in DC electric tools. Not with Stanley, which feature a special high-flex cable that increases longevity and diminishes costly replacements and downtime.