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Kolver EDU2AE/TOP/E Control Unit

Electric Screwdrivers with Torque & Angle Control

Industrial tightening may require different control strategies and solutions. The most common cases are: torque control with angle monitoring and angle control with torque monitoring. Kolver Multi-Torque and Angle controllers can manage all strategies with up to 8 individual P-sets.

The main parameters to be controlled are the tightening torque or angle priority. The motor stops automatically when the pre-set angle and torque value have been reached and an indication of OK cycle (green led turned on) is given, otherwise a red led turns on if the tightened screw doesn't match the pre-set parameters. The final torque angle values are also displayed.

EDU2AE/TOP/E Series Switching Controllers act as an AC to DC transformer and torque controller. The electronic control circuit cuts the power supply to the motor as soon as the pre-set torque has been reached. 

The whole EDU2AE/TOP/E Series is now totally renovated and fully upgraded with our state-of-the-art advanced software for torque controlling. 

The main features of the new switching control units are:

  • Universal usage: All units are equipped with a high power switching transformer with 90-260 V VAC AC power supply:100% more power and 40% weight reduction.
  • New software have a 2.00 version.
  • More accurate than ever. The combination of the switching transformer and new software allows MITO & PLUTO screwdrivers to reach a much higher accuracy, better than +/-5% all over the torque range.
  • Better endurance in environment with high noise and interference level: All units comply to norms 61000-6-2 and 61000-6-3.
  • Improved EMC features: All units are equipped with a solid steel base and back panel.
  • New Features: Users are able to select a fast approach speed and a final tightening speed to adapt to any type of application requiring no max time option.
  • Multilanguage: English, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish.

EDU2AE/TOP/E control units can be used in combination with any Kolver current controlled MITO and PLUTO and or clutch PLUTO screwdriver.

An easy to use scroll menu allows to select, set and or adjust the following functions.

  • Screwdriver model
  • Tightening torque, fastening and unscrewing speed
  • Acceleration ramp
  • Min and Max fastening time
  • Autoreverse

The EDU2AE/TOP/E multiple torque system is designed to expand the functionality of PLUTO screwdriver by enabling multiple torque setting (up to 8) using one controller and one driver. All function can able be controlled remotely via 15 input and 11 output connectors, which can be connected to one of our optional accessories such as switch box, socket/bit tray, bar code scanner, printer and ethernet assist.

EDU2AE/TOP/E has all of the features of the standard EDU2AE/TOP and the expand software package for remote programming via USB port & PC.


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remote programming via USB & PC (with EDU EXPAND software)