Automated Screwfeeders

What We Offer 

Hawker Richardson offers two well-renowned and globally recognised brands of automated screwfeeding systems, Weber and Carlson Engineering,

Heavy weights of the industry, Weber and Carlson have continued to raise the bar, in regards to the design and manufacture of premium quality and reliable automation solutions.

After working with countless businesses over the past 95 years, we believe that a personalised approach is imperative to achieving the best results for our customers.  Therefore, we work closely with our customers and our product partners to create a highly-personalised and customized automated screwfeeding solution.

Our products are ideal for feeding and installing a wide array of mechanical fastener styles ranging from micro-medical pins and screws, to large bolts and heavy fasteners. The range further is complimented by our comprehensive range of robotic equipment, bowl feeders and control and monitoring systems.

Whatever your application, requirements or budget, Hawker Richardson has an automated screwfeeding solution for you.

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Our reliable and accurate automatic screwfeeding systems are suited for assembly applications in all industry sectors including:

  • Automotive and body construction
  • Wood industry
  • Electronics
  • Consumer goods
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical and life sciences