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UV torch

Leave us some feedback below on your experience with HR and we will send you a UV torch.
Three benefits of using a UV torch:
  1. Black aluminium 51 LED UV torch with six hour lighting period (depending on quality of batteries used)
  2. Ultraviolet torches provide a convenient and versatile quality control method for a wide range of applications
  3. Highlight imperfections of conformal coatings quickly on castings and PCBs

395nm Aluminium Black light 51LED UV Flashlight 51 UV torch

Battery Type:

 Lighting Period (h):  

6 (will depend on battery)



 CE, EMC, FCC, ROHS, Reach
 IP Rating:  IP65
 Lamp Body Material:  Aluminium
 Light Source:  LED
 Size:  55*147MM
Color: Black
Watt: 18w

Wave length:

LED: 51uv LEDs
Battery: 3*AA