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ASM, technically superior semi-automatic and automatic in-line solder paste stencil printers and accessories offer best accuracy and reliability.

ASM is a leading supplier and developer of high accuracy SMT stencils and screens for the PCB assembly industry. The continued acquisition and development of innovative technologies, coupled with expansion into new markets, has ensured that as the industry expands and diversifies, DEK remains equipped to drive its growth.

ASM supply a wide variety of stencils and screens for every manufacturing requirement - from high volume standard SMT to adhesive deposition. Driven by proven technologies and supported by our global stencil and screen design and manufacturing network, there is a DEK stencil or screen solution for your every business challenge.

DEK VectorGuard

Stencil PCB printers

DEK VectorGuard is a patented frameless stencil tensioning system offering significant advantages over conventional stencil technologies. Taking all the benefits of frame-mounted stencil systems, VectorGuard improves upon them and delivers a solution capable of meeting diverse manufacturing requirements.

Available in a range of stencil foils, this reusable and recyclable technology prioritises operator safety, system rigidity and ease-of-use for exceptional results.

Electroform stencils

Stencil PCB printers

Electroform technology delivers ultimate control over stencil thickness and uniformity, ensuring outstanding paste volume consistency for fine pitch applications. Electroform stencils provide superior performance and ensure seal contact to the pad(s), pad paste deposit and a greater percentage volume of paste on pad. The reactive force created by these stencils provides for an even distribution of paste and allows for a cleaner release of paste from the aperture.

Electroform stencils are very effective for printing paste on SMT boards with fine pitch parts spread over a large area and provide excellent print performance for applications with miniature BGAs, ultrafine pitch QFPs and small components such as 0201s. Electroform is also the perfect enabling technology for packaging applications such as wafer bumping while improving solder paste release for diverse paste formulations

Pumpprint stencils

Stencil PCB printers

Based on the careful selection of stencil material and informed study of the design of apertures, PumpPrint® Technology enables a wide range of adhesive patterns to be successfully deposited using a standard screen printer. Further enhancing this high throughput process are advanced techniques such as ProFlow® DirEKt Imaging, which increases its speed, repeatability and flexibility over that of traditional adhesive dispensers.

Because adhesives are printed instead of dispensed, PumpPrint® technology enhances throughput and enables manufacturers to utilise existing printing resources instead of purchasing new dispensing equipment. The single stroke process ensures a constant cycle time - independent of the number of adhesive deposits - which provides greater control over line utilisation and product scheduling.

Stencils are made from an acrylic material that is easily and accurately machined. The stencil apertures act like individual nozzles, allowing deposit height to be controlled by the aperture diameter. Bottom-side routing allows the stencil to clear underside-mounted components and through-hole leads that have been cut and clinched. This extra flexibility further supports the decision to PumpPrint rather than dispense adhesives


Stencil PCB printers

Nano-ProTek is a breakthrough stencil coating technology that delivers high performance stencils in a cost-effective wipe to overcome the challenges of smaller aperture sizes. Extremely easy-to-apply, the technology is based on a unique proprietary formula that renders the entire stencil surface fluxophobic.

Since smaller aperture sizes impact negatively on paste release, leading to stencil contamination and an increased risk of defects, Nano-ProTek offers a solution. Forming a chemical bond with the stencil surface to reduce the ability of the flux to stick to apertures and the bottom side of the stencil, the technology enhances the capacity of the understencil cleaner and improves gasketing of the stencil to the PCB for substantially greater first pass yield.

Additive stencil process

Stencil PCB printers

Additive stencil technology from DEK enables variable deposit thickness to be achieved in a single pass, using an enclosed print head technique such as ProFlow® DirEKt Imaging.

Traditional step-etch stencils display limitations, especially when used with an enclosed print head; as the enclosed wiper blade reaches the etched area, the seal between blade and stencil is broken. Additive stencils, by contrast, are enhanced in the areas that require thicker deposits. This characteristic is better suited to direct imaging, but DEK has gone further, developing a technique for creating ride-on/ride-off edges to the enhanced areas. Conditioning the built-up edges in this way eliminates damage to metal squeegees and enclosed wiper blades, and enhances longevity of the stencil and printing equipment.

Deposit thickness can be enhanced between 10 and 100 microns by building up selected areas on the surface of the stencil. Additive pads can be positioned per component for maximum control over individual deposit thickness anywhere on the board. Incorporating DEK's unique understanding of the screen printing process, additive pad technology can be applied to the squeegee side or board side of the stencil, depending on application requirements. It is also possible to enhance assigned areas on both sides of the stencil if required.


Stencil PCB printers

Consistent and high yield industrial screen printing hinges on precision and durable screen technologies to ensure accurate, predictable and repeatable materials transfer.

DEK’s Precision Screens network strives to satisfy every customer requirement, processing screens of up to 1m x 1m size as standard. Close customer collaboration allows our team to deliver custom-designed, high-precision screens manufactured to ISO9001-accredited processes, with consistently fast turnaround.

Every precision screen we manufacture is supplied with a Certificate of Conformity to warrant its quality and assure compliance with customer specifications. Production procedures conform fully to ISO and BS accredited standards. Our state-of-the-art clean room, constructed to FED STD 209E Class 10,000 (BS EN ISO 14644-1 Class 7) ensures process integrity from our production environment to your factory.

During our customers’ new product R&D phases, design assistance is always available from DEK’s applications teams. We continue to offer support in the production environment. Our total comprehension of the precision screens process delivers an unparalleled range of expertise from quality manufacturing to turnkey packages and technical support.

Controlled temperature and humidity to ±1.5°C and ±5% RH
Rigorous inspection throughout the production cycle
Accurate verification against source data

Wide range of input data formats accepted
Discuss your concept with our screens and process experts

Order acknowledgement via email confirming despatch date upon receipt of official purchase order

Premium despatch service available on request (conditions apply) All orders tracked from start to finish to guarantee quality and rapid turnaround

Stencil & screen storage

SMT storage solutions

We also offer a wide range of space-efficient storage solutions, to safeguard your stencils and operational efficiency. From mobile cabinets to working stations, we have everything you need to ensure your tools are well maintained and close at hand.

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