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Heller SMT reflow and curing ovens continue to push the envelope of leadership in oven technology. With over 47 years experience and a world wide customer base Heller SMT reflow and curing ovens are the ideal choice for your SMT reflow or curing application.

Reflow oven

Heller's commitment to customer-responsive product development, use of CAD/CIM advanced manufacturing and production systems and local support networks give you the confidence to choose them to satisfy your SMT reflow or curing application.

Heller SMT reflow and curing oven advantages such as … lower operating costs, greater flexibility, reduced maintenance, higher throughput … makes your process more efficient. This enables you to deliver the quality, and meet deadlines, demanded by your customers. When you select capital equipment from a market leader, the machinery, and the people behind it, become your competitive weapon.

Having pioneered full convection reflow with the introduction of their first full convection reflow oven in 1987, Heller Industries has brought innovations and refinements to market at an accelerating rate. In the course of responding to forces that impel electronics assemblers to reduce their product development cycles and costs, Heller has amassed considerable expertise in resolving reflow and curing issues. … now the standard of the industry … Heller have met, and continue to accept, major engineering challenges, including:

  • Minimizing both nitrogen consumption and oxygen PPM for reflowing in inert atmospheres, to reduce users' operating costs.
  • Developing the first filter less solution to removing flux condensate from the cooling zone of nitrogen reflow ovens, to virtually eliminate maintenance requirements.
  • Introducing the first reflow ovens with field-retrofittable nitrogen capabilities, to increase user's economic flexibility.
  • Designing the first dual rail ovens to save space, reduce cost and support both reflow and short-term curing for users.
  • Improving curing productivity with a family of in-line vertical ovens for users of die attach, flip chip underfill and COB encapsulation applications.

Heller's commitment to innovation assures you of keeping pace with dynamic, leading-edge technological change.

Heller produces reflow and curing systems in an ISO9001 accredited environment that allow them to perform dependably in six-sigma production environments worldwide.

Heller Industries the recognized World Leader in Reflow Soldering Oven Technology announces a true breakthrough in Reflow soldering technology with the new Mark III series. With over 12,000 systems installed worldwide, Heller has been at the leading edge of Forced Hot Air Reflow soldering technology development since 1987.

reflow soldering oven

Heller utilizes a partnership approach with their customers to develop user-initiated solutions for real world applications. The Mark III system is yet another major advancement with innovative Technologies including:


  • Lead Free Certified Systems —More Lead free product has been run on Heller machines than any other! Heller has pioneered the Lead Free Reflow process by working closely with the Japanese OEM’s and International ODM’s and EMS’s to refine the Lead Free process. The Mark III system includes features that provide:
    • “Spike Zone” design to minimize liquidous time
    • Ultra fast cooling rates of 3-5 Deg/Sec to form perfect grain structure
    • More heated zones than any other competitor to allow “Profile Sculpting”
  • Maintenance Free Systems —the New Gen 5.2 and 9.2 Flux Removal systems virtually eliminate flux from the heated tunnel and reduce maintenance time from hours per month to brief times per quarter. Flux is captured in jars so it can easily be seen and quickly cleaned. Valuable production time is “re-captured” due to the huge decrease in maintenance. Significant cost savings per year can easily be realized!
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership —With Heller’s new Balanced Flow Heater Module (BFM) technology the cost of running nitrogen has been reduced by up to 50%! And the LOW KW features have reduced Electrical consumption by up to 40%! Significant cost savings on nitrogen and electricity have been realized by our customers!
  • Best Return on Investment (ROI) - can be achieved with the new Mark III system for the fastest ROI in the industry!
  • Integrated Cpk Software- An Industry First ! –provides Oven Cpk values automatically in real-time for EVERY zone in the oven. A Heller exclusive—at no charge! Developed in partnership with ECD, this software gives instant process feedback . Additional features for virtual profiling of every board, utilizing the ECD OvenWATCH system, and product trace-ability with bar code reader input are also available.

Download Oven Spec Sheets: 1707MKIII, 1809MKIII, 1913MKIII
Download Mark III Series Catalog: MKIII Series Catalog

Hawker Richardson also supplies semi automated and fully automatic in-line SMT / SMD stencil and screen printers, Pick and place machines and reflow soldering ovens and wave solder machines. As well as a range of ancillary products such as Electroformed [eform] or laser cut stencils and precision stainless steel or polyester mesh screens plus solder paste. PCB storage magazines, board handling equipment and de-paneling machines, AOI systems and assembly tools such as electric torque drivers and screw presenters.

Allow Hawker Richardson to be your partner in productivity.

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