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Yamaha I-Pulse S10 & S20 Pick and Place SMT Machine 

Yamaha Pick and Place Machine


Yamaha S10 and S20 SMT machineThe new S10 and 20 surface mounting, dispensing and inspecting machines provide superior product loading speed and accuracy. Including high versatiule mounting options from ultra small chips to large components, these models allow alternate dispensing and mounting.

The limitless surface mount technology is able to bring concave-convex, sloped and curved surfaces bringing enhanced expandability to suit production types over and above conventional flat board types. Head variation can also be set to a 6-axis 6-theta, or 12-axis 2-theta configurations. Cost performance is further enhanced through improved in placement capability. In addition, stable dispensing and inspecting is carried out thanks to the adoption of a color fiducial mark recognition camera and newly developed lighting units.


  • 3D MID processes are achieved due to the new developed cast iron frame and tilt mechanism unit
  • 3D hybrid functions
  • Large board handling capability
  • Excellent setup capability suitable for high-mix-low-volume production


Model name



With buffer unused Min. L50 x W30mm to
Max. L980 x W510mm
Min. L50 x W30mm to
Max. L1,480 x W510mm
With input or output
buffers used
Min. L50 x W30mm to
Max. L420 x W510mm
With input and output
buffers used
Min. L50 x W30mm to
Max. L330 x W510mm
Min. L50 x W30mm to
Max. L540 x W510mm
With input and output buffers used 0.4 - 5.0mm
Placement accuracy A (μ+3σ) CHIP ± 0.040mm
Placement accuracy B (μ+3σ) IC ± 0.025mm
Placement angle ± 180°
Component height
(Board thickness + component height)
6-axis 6-theta head: Max. 35mm
12-axis 2-theta head: Max. 20mm
Applicable Components 0201-120mm x 90mm, BGA, CSP,Connectors,
other odd-shaped components
Component package 8-56mm tape (F1/F2 Feeders),
8-88mm tape (F3 Electric Feeders),
Stick, Tray
Component types
(8mm tape conversion)
Max. 90 types
(8mm tape), 45 lanes x 2
Max. 180 types
(8mm tape), 45 lanes x 4
Transfer height 900 ± 20mm
Machine Dimensions L1,250 x D1,770 x
L1,750 x D1,770 x
Weight Approx. 1,200kg Approx. 1,500kg


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