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Finger Feeders - Tape Feeder Products for Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Enable better use of your production hours, enhance throughput and help achieve greater equipment utilisation with Feeder Fingers - Made in the US

What are Feeder Fingers?

Feeder fingers are the perfect accompaniment to your feeder tapes. Why? Because they are designed to elevate the efficiency of existing OEM Feeders. By attaching the Feeder Finger to existing production feeders, the load and unload times can be reduced to seconds, allowing the operator to get the job into production in a fraction of the time of conventional feeders. IPulse F3 Feeder Finger Product Image Final 3

The most problematic component of OEM feeders is the separation and collection of the cover tape. Cover tape feeder jams and cover tape splice problems account for a large percentage of machine stops during production. The Feeder Finger eliminates the cover tape collection process entirely, while providing the machine operator the ability to load strips of cut tape as short as three inches without splicing or using additional strip feeders.

Feeder fingers save costs and improve efficiency on the production floor. With the Feeder finger solution attached to your existing OEM feeders you can save cost and eliminate waste by purchasing near the exact number of components required for each job without the concerns of effectively feeding strips of component tape. Feederfinger also offers a highly efficient way to run prototypes, one-offs and NPI processes.

Feeder Fingers are compatible with our Yamaha and I-pulse SMT machines. See how they work!    


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