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IEMME Lzero3 SMT Storage Cabinet

Europlacer lzero 004

PCB Storage

The Lzero3 storage cabinet offers flexibility and expandability far beyond that of any other intelligent storage solution holding capacity of 2083 reels. With the built in WMS software, Lzero3 automatically scans incoming reels for identification, measures them to assess size, validates the storage requirement and moves each reel to the ideal internal location. 

Reel widths from 8mm to 32mm and diameters from 7 inches (180mm) to 15 inches (380mm) are catered for without the need for specialised containers, with three base Lzero3 configurations offering a range of storage choices. Optional extension units fit on top of the basic cabinet, making no impact on floorspace. If required, oddform components placed in standardised trays are handled and stored with equal automatic ease.


- Integrated Barcode scanner registration
- Multiple loading and retrieval
- Storage location monitored
- Minimizes risk of operating errors
- Reel/tray/ traceability
- All relevant component data information can be managed (datacode, part-number, supplier, manufacturer, ect.)
- Real time stock movements stored
- Automatic minimum stock monitoring
- “Absolute”F.I.FO. prioritization retrival
- Job orders management
- Efficient and functional touch-screen software
- Temperature and relative air humidity recorded
- Moisture Sensitive Level according to IPC/JEDEC's J-STD-20
- Data synchronization with company management software

The Lzero3 SMT storage equipment cabinet is part of Europlacer’s highly flexible and expandable range of component storage solutions that intelligently manage inventory items for near-production deployment. The Lzero3 networks with existing MRP/ERP systems and pick and place machines to efficiently pick and restock factory works orders.

Unlike other solutions, Lzero3 does not require the cost or complication of additional storage boxes to hold component reels. It removes one more variable from the efficiency equation as you don’t need to calculate how many storage boxes you will need to buy before you can use your storage system. Or how you’ll store the empty boxes while production is in process. Lzero3 is able to manage all reel formats without fuss or compromise.

An option for the SMT storage equipment Lzero3 is to fit an absorption module to store components sensitive to humidity (Moisture Sensitive Devices – MSDs). It achieves and maintains a controlled environment of less than five percent Relative Humidity.

The module allows permanent RH control, physical tracking of the exposure time (the time for which the device is exposed to the ambient atmosphere), and calculates the remaining “Floor Live Time” for MSDs to define the residual time left in the ambient atmosphere before specifications are exceeded.

Lzero3 standard: – 1100 reels (900 x 7″ + 200 x 13-15″)
Lzero3 mixed: – 900 reels (635 x 7″ + 265 x 13-15″)
Lzero3 7″: – 1583 reels 7″
Lzero3 expanded: – 1600 reels (1400 x 7″ + 200 x 13-15″)
Lzero3 mixed expanded: – 1400 reels (1135 x 7″ + 265 x 13-15″)
Lzero3 7″ expanded: – 2083 reels 7″

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