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Sherlock 300 AOI PCB Inspector - PCB Inspection

Automatic Optical Inspection PCB Inspector Sherlock 300 (AOI Machine)

Sherlock AOI PCB inspector


Sherlock 300 desktop, magazine batch or inline AOI system offers a cost-effective way to catch defects, monitor trends, and improve your overall process. The initial equipment investment is quickly paid off in other ways too, with increased throughput (AOI is much faster than manual visual inspection) and lower operational costs (automated optical inspection is less labor intensive than manual inspection as well).

During inspection, the camera moves, rather than the PCB. This ensures the clearest possible images and fastest inspection speeds. Operation is smooth and quiet, thanks to the machines sturdy, vibration-damping construction. All components are high quality, Japanese-made.






Sherlock 300 is capable of detecting, with high accuracy: 

- Solder Joint defects
- Presence of solder
- Insufficient solder
- Excessive solder
- Opens
- Cold solder
- Solder balling
- Bridging
- Poor soldering
- Lifting
- Fillet coverage (THT)
- Wetting (THT)

- Partial and full lack of solder
- Blowholes (THT)
- Component defects
- Missing or extra components
- Wrong components
- Shifting
- Tombstones
- Reverse polarity
- Damaged parts
- Bent IC leads
- Pin presence (THT)
- Bent pins (THT)

Hawker Richardson is the Australia & New Zealand for a range of low cost reliable entry level SMT / SMD assembly equipment suitable for Prototyping and low volume SMT / SMD PCB production.

Hawker Richardson also supplies semi automated and fully automatic in-line SMT / SMD stencil and screen printers, Pick and place machines and reflow soldering ovens and wave solder machines. As well as a range of ancillary products such as Electroformed [eform] or laser cut stencils and precision stainless steel or polyester mesh screens plus solder paste. PCB storage magazines, board handling equipment and de-paneling machines, AOI systems and assembly tools such as electric torque drivers and screw presenters.

Allow Hawker Richardson to be your partner in productivity.

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