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Essemtec Dispensing SMT Pick and Place Machines

Expert in High Speed Fluid Dispensing & High-Mix SMT Placement Solutions

Essemtec AG is one of the worldwide leaders in developing and manufacturing highly flexible Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production equipment, located in Switzerland. Hawker Richardson is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Essemtect SMT equipment.

Essemtec Applications

BGA or flip chip components are common in small size electronic devices and capillary underfillers have become very important in electronics manufacturing. Today, improved underfiller materials and the use of highly accurate dispensing systems have turned a common physical effect into a reproducible high tech process. Two technologies are known for the application of underfillers: Needle dispensing or jetting. Both technologies are available with the highly flexible CDS6200 dispensing system from Essemtec. Remember products of interest.

  • Automatic dispensing system
  • Dispensing of capillary underfillers
  • Precise positioning and edge parallel motion
  • Fast and precise by XY

Variety of Automatic Dispensing Machines to Suit any Application.

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NEW Puma All-in-one Placement & Dispensing Without Limits

Puma is world`s best highspeed Pick-and-Place solution and is adaptive in all kinds of environments, boasting up to 280 feeder positions. Containing configurable heads with 1, 2 or 4 placement-axes it also includes 2,5D, 3D dispensing and jetting up to 150’000 dots per hour - dispensing jets in parallel. Assembly performance is 18’100 CPH, the machine pushes forward into the mid-range field. 

Essemtec Puma lowres 1


o Available with 1 to 4 heads to increase your speed
o Available with 1 to 2 integrated jetting heads
o PCB Size 560x610mm, optional 1800x610mm
o 280 feeder on 2 m² production floor (up to 420 inline)
o Optimum 18.100 placements per hour (up to 54.300 inline)
o Intelligent, electronic feeder - 01005 up to 80x33 mm, height 25 mm
o Optionally Integrated high-speed Jet Dispensing (145.000 dph)
o Standalone or inline version, modular expandable with multiple systems

For more information view brochure here 



FOX - Compact Automatic Pick and Place System

The Fox automatic pick and place machine can drive up to 180 feeders which is  ideal for high-mix production. Due to its small footprint and reasonable weight, the machine can be fitted for those who have limited space and can even be installed on upper floors.

Fox1 inline 2


  • 180 feeder on 1 m² production floor

  • Intelligent, electronic feeder - 01005 up to 80x33 mm, height 25 mm

  • Combined high-speed Jet Dispensing

  • Productivity - Up to 7'500 cph (IPC 9850A) with 50 µm (3σ) at full speed


For more information view brochure here


Spider - High Speed Jetter and Dispenser

Fast and compact jet and general dispenser is rated for up to 150 000 dots per hour, dispenses 3D patterns and much more.



  • Small footprint

  • Easily adaptive for your application

  • Up to 2 dispensing valves

  • Free choice of dispensing valve



 For more information view brochure here


Paraquda - Multifunctional Pick and Place System

This accurate fast placer and dispenser features easy programming and set up. The Paraquda is best in SMT production guaranteed with high feeder capacity, intelligent knitting, combination on pick and place dispensing processes and a universal range of placeable components.   

SMT machine

  • Quick changeover / up to 240 feeder

  • Dispense option available

  •  lntuitive operation using ePlace software



For more information view brochure here      


Paradoble - Fast and Accurate Placer and Dispensor

The Paradoble offers unmatched changeover times with the highest number of feeder slots per square meter on the market. Features intelligent kitting without production stop and the ability to combine placement, dispensing and component verification all-in-one.



  • 180 feeder on 1 m² production floor

  • Intelligent, electronic feeder - 01005 up to 80x33 mm, height 25 mm

  • Combined high-speed Jet Dispensing

  • Productivity - Up to 7'500 cph (IPC 9850A) with 50 µm (3σ) at full speed


 For more information see brochure here

Cobra - High Speed Pick and Place

Cobra high speed pick and place system by Essemtec comprises of leading edge engineering technology. Its feeders per sqm is one of the highest on the marketplace. Cobra also comprises of intelligent feeders and setup concepts.  It can handle largest board sizes as well as small sizes. Its software is based on “eez technology“ ensuring efficient and economical SMT manufacturing for service providers and in-house production.


Cobra web

  • High speed pick-and-place machine

  • Intuitive operation with ePlace

  • 8-axis placement heads

  • Component range: 01005 to 80x70 mm


 For more information view brochure here


Hawker Richardson also supplies semi automated and fully automatic in-line SMT / SMD stencil and screen printers, pick and place machines and reflow soldering ovens and wave solder machines. As well as a range of ancillary products such as Electroformed [eform] or laser cut stencils and precision stainless steel or polyester mesh screens plus solder paste. PCB storage magazines, board handling equipment and de-paneling machines, AOI systems and assembly tools such as electric torque drivers and screw presenters.

Allow Hawker Richardson to be your partner in productivity.


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