Yamaha YRM20 Premium High Efficiency Modular Mounter

The next generation in surface mount technology, the new Yamaha YRM20 delivers high accuracy mounting ideal for flexible high-speed production. 

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Yamaha YSRM20 Brochure





High-speed general-purpose rotary RM head


In-Line HM head

Nozzles (per 1-head unit)



Applicable components

0201 to W 12 x L 12 mm, H 6.5 mm or less

0201 to W 55 x L 100 mm, H 15 mm or less

Mounting capability capability(during high production mode)

115,000 CPH

78,000 CPH IPC 9850

98,000 CPH

68,000 CPH IPC 9850

Mounting accuracy (during high precision mode)

During use under in-house optimal conditions: ± 0.025 mm, Cpk ≧ 1.0

Number of component types

Feeder carriage exchange: max. 128 types = 32 feeders x 4 (conversion for 8 mm tape feeder)

PCB dimensions

Dual-stage specifications

1              PCB conveyance: L 810 x W 510 mm to L 50 x W 50 mm

2              PCB conveyance: L 380 x W 510 mm to L 50 x W 50 mm

Power supply

3-phase, AC 200 / 208 / 220 / 240 / 380 / 400 / 416 V ± 10 %, 50 / 60 Hz 

Air supply source

0.45 MPa or more, in clean, dry state


Utilising two newly developed head types, the multi-purpose rotary (RM) head, when combined with the new high-speed feeder, delivers world class-leading mounting performance (under optimal conditions) of 115,000CPH. Joined with the 1-head solution in-line (HM) head combines greater high speed and high versatility. With high mounting accuracy of ±25μm (Cpk ≧ 1.0), it supports 0201 (0.25×0.125mm) sized microchip component mounting.

For businesses looking to gain competitive advantage, this is the ideal surface mounter to take production capacity and efficiency to the next level.


  • OEM
  • Defence 
  • Industrial applications
  • Medical services
  • Consumer electronics

The high-efficiency YRM20 Premium Surface Mounter features:

  • High speed general purpose rotary RM head
  • Inline HM head
  • Upgrade OS and application software
  • Newly designed control system
  • New x-beam
  • New dual stage conveyor system
  • New component recognition cameras
  • New nozzles series with ID