Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20R PCB Pick and Place Machine

The New, One Of A Kind, Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20R offers the world's fastest mounting speed in its class! 

With a mounting speed of 90,000 CPH, Operators worldwide are transforming their businesses with this compact but powerful surface mounter. Offering never seen before flexibility, the YSM20R is extremely versatile, designed to suit a wide range of applications. 


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Applicable PCB

Dual stage (only for X axis 2-beam specs.)

 1 PCB conveyance : L810 x W490 to L50 x W50

 2 PCB conveyance : L380 x W490 to L50 x W50

Single lane

L810 x W490 to L50 x W50

Dual lane (only for X axis 2-beam specs.)

L810 x W230 to L50 x W50

Mounting capability

X axis 2-beam : High-speed multi-purpose

(HM: High-speed Multi) head x 2

90,000 CPH (under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor)

Mounting accuracy

+/-0.035mm (+/-0.025mm) Cpk≧1.0 (3σ)

(Under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor when standard evaluation materials are used)

Applicable components

High-speed multi-purpose (HM: High-speed Multi) head x 2 : 03015 to 45 x 45mm L100mm, Height 15mm or less

Note : Multi-camera (option) may be needed in some cases due to part height and part size.

Odd-shaped components (FM: Flexible Multi) head : 03015 to 55 x 55mm L100mm, Height 28mm or less

Number of component types

Fixed plate : Max.140 types (conversion for 8mm tape feeder)

Feeder carriage exchange : Max.128 types (conversion for 8mm tape feeder)

Trays for 30 types (fixed) and 10 types (carriage)

Power supply

3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V +/-10% 50/60Hz

Air supply source

0.45MPa or more, in clean, dry state

External dimension (excluding projections)

L 1,374 x W 1,857 x H1,445mm


Approx. 2,050 kg


The newly-released Yamaha YSM20R offers high productivity, adaptability to various components and superior production changeover ability based thanks to its innovative 1-head solution, that accommodates a wide range of component sizes - from super small chips to large components - with a single type of head.

With the YSM20R, Yamaha focused on increasing XY-axis speeds and revising the actions involved for pick-up to placement, successfully improving mounting speed by approximately 5% compared to the previous YSM20.

By improving the performance of the wide-scan camera on the head, the YSM20R can mount components up to 12×12 mm in size (up from 8×8 mm) at high speed, thus improving productivity. Further, the new Auto Loading Feeder has been designed to reduce costs and improve user efficiency.

For businesses looking to gain competitve advantage, this is the ideal surface mounter to take production capacity and efficiency to the next level.


  • Defence applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Medical services
  • Consumer electronics

Key Benefits & Features

  • World's fastest mounting speed in its class - 90,000 CPH. 
  • Two types of beam variations
  • Compatible with small components as well as larger components
  • Excellent operability
  • 'Smart Recognition' which allows odd shaped components to be handled quickly
  • Featuring two types of newly-developed heads that are based on the "1 head solution" concept
  • Easy to operate