Essemtec Paraquda Surface Mounter

The Paraquda SMD pick-and-place system is designed for low/mid volume or NPI (new product introduction) high-mix productions. The Paraquda combines three different production steps within one machine platform (solder paste jetting and/or glue jetting and SMD assembly). 

With this unique combination, the multi-functional centre offers unprecedented flexibilty in your production environment. 



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    Paraquda 2 Paraquda 4 Paraquda-doble


Optimum placement speed

8'200 bph (2-axis)

12‘300 cph (4-axes)

 24‘600 cph (2x 4-axes)

Optimum jetting speed 

  100‘000 dots/h  


Feeder capacity 8 mm tape

240 (200 inline)

240 (200 inline)  400 inline


Components size range

01005 up to 40x40 mm (80x70 mm optional)​   


Placement accuracy (x, y)

51 µm @ 3σ​

PCB Size

Max. PCB size

600 x 430 mm (23.6 x 16.9”)​   


Machine footprint

1300 x 1450 mm (51.2 x 57.1 ")

  3040 x 1450 mm (118.1 x 57.1“) 


The Paraquda can be equipped with a wide variety of dispensing valves for solder paste, adhesives or dam and filter materials. 

Prototypes are easily assembled without the need for stencils, reducing operator turnaround. Expensive stepped stencils can also be eliminated with the dispensing of additional solder paste. 

Featuring an intelligent feeder system with barcoded set-up and an impressive maximum of 240 feeder slots per machine, the Essemtec Paraquda is the ideal choice for low-volume, high-mix productions. 


  • Defence applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Medical services
  • Consumer electronics

Key Benefits & Features

  • Up to 8,200 – 12,300 CPH per module
  • Up to 100,000 dots/hour per module
  • Up to 240 feeder slots per machine
  • PCB Max. size 600mm x 430mm 
  • Non-stop production intelligent smart feeder
  • Non-stop feeder and production changeover