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PCB Storage Iemme Storage Equipment Cabinet Lzero3 Series - SMT Reel Storage Solution

The Iemme Lzero3 Automatic Storage Cabinet is a high-end, best-in-class, SMT component storage solution that intelligently manages SMT inventory items. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum number of reels that can be stored? (i.e. with extra height added). How high is the tower?

Several models are available to suit differing customers requirements. For example, operators with only 8mm reels can hold up to 2083 x 8mm reels. A wide version is available for holding larger 15 inch reels. An extension is available offering operators another 500 x 8mm reels. With the extension, the tower measures in at just over 3 metres in height.

2. Is it only reel storage or is there a possibility to store tubes, blank PCB's, etc?

The Tower (LZERO3) itself will hold reels and will also hold small hexagon shaped metal trays, for small piece parts, screws/nut/bolts. If operators require storage of sticks/PCBS etc we recommend the SZERO1 cabinet. This has an LED system inside and is humidity controlled, linking to the WMS system on the tower and features full trackabilty and traceabilty.

3. Is there variability of reel height or is it only one height?

Up to 32mm thick reels can be stored, depending on the model selected. 

4. Can the LZero3 tower do any planning? Can the tower track the current production amount?

The included WMS software includes a production scheduling feature called PLANNER, that analyses if production can start based on the available stock quantity. The item will appear in green if production can be initiated, as shown below.

If a customer has more than one production line changeover per day (SMT lines), the PLANNER feature can supply accurate details on how many items/customer part numbers are in common between the multiple production lines. The WMS software can suggest the optimal production order, based on common parts. However, we would recommend the Operation Manager to make the ultimate decision on the right order for their operation. 

The WMS software will then extract the minimum number of reels (common parts = common reels). The kits are arranged in sequence to minimise production line changeover, reduce errors, reduce missing and mixed up parts.



5. Is the barcode scanner able to read any/all manufacturers barcode numbers?

Yes, the IEMME system reads all the information on the supplier’s reel.

6. Can the new printed label contain or link to all of the data supplied by the manufacturer?

Yes , the IEMME system allows the operator to print their own UNIQUE label which holds all of the info just scanned and stores it in the database, to be retrieved through the unique identifier label.

7. Do the Yamaha YS Series pick and place machines have the capability to communicate component usage to the tower?

The Yamaha YS Series machines need to have the Yamaha IT OPTIONS boards installed in the machines. This is available through Hawker Richardson. Please contact your Sales representative for more information.

8. Can the IEMME tower communicate with SMS International software program Line-Control?

In order to use Line-control, the operator would need to first purchase the Line-Chart software program. This program allows the machines performance and usage data to be collected and then linked back to the Iemme towers. 

9. How does the tower know when the pick and place machines are running out of components?

If using Yamaha’s YFACT software, there is a LIVE link to the Iemme software. The job file holds all the information on how many parts are required for the job to be completed. By deduction, it knows how many parts are used, wasted and the software will alert the tower when running out of parts and to prepare a new reel.

10. Can a BoM be imported as an excel spreadsheet and the tower retrieve all components for that BoM?

Yes, absolutely, this is the basis of the system. The towers powerful software tells the operator where all the reels are located when importing the BoM. For example, some components could be in use already on the line and the system will tell the operator if they have enough parts to build a new job, and will identify all or any shortages. Multiple jobs can be picked at once and alternative parts can be suggested. Full MSL control and times for how long parts are outside or opened (if they aremoisture sensitive) are recorded. Utilises the FIFO system for multiple same reels, based on the date code.

11. What is the UI for this machine (i.e. windows 7, 10; touch screen)?

Full large 21 inch touch screen system, running Windows 10, with label printer for giving parts their own Unique ID.







9.3’l x 4.4’d x 8’h


900 kgs / 1984lbs

Extension dim.

9.3’l x 4.4’d x 11’h

Extension weight

200kgs / 440lbs

Power supply

100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 6A
(10A with humidity control)


The Iemme Lzero3 storage cabinet offers flexibility and expandability far beyond that of any other intelligent storage solution, featuring a holding capacity of up to 2083 reels.

With the built in WMS software, Lzero3 automatically scans incoming reels for identification, measures them to assess size, validates the storage requirement and moves each reel to the ideal internal location. 

Reel widths from 8mm to 32mm and diameters from 7 inches (180mm) to 15 inches (380mm) are catered for without the need for specialised containers, with three base Lzero3 configurations offering a range of storage choices. Optional extension units fit on top of the basic cabinet, to reduce footprint. If required, odd form components can be placed in standardised trays, handled and stored with ease. 

Key Features

  • Reel/tray/ traceability
  • Minimises risk of operating errors
  • Internal and external air humidity and temperature are recorded
  • Traceability
  • Humidity control

Key Benefits

  • Unique barcode store reels
  • Production planning scheduling
  • Traceability
  • Data monitoring