Yamaha YSP10 Compact Stencil Printer

The Yamaha YSP10 was developed to deliver high-accuracy and high-quality printing performance with accelerated cycle times, crucial in determining the quality of the overall mounting process.

The YSP10 high-end printer which featured 3S heads and stencil suction mechanism as standard equipment. The YSP10 has been newly designed and developed from the ground up in order to enable full automation of production changeover work, which occupies the most working hours in printing processes.


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Applicable PCB

L 510 x W 510 mm to L 50 x W 50 mm (option: L 610 x W 510 mm)

Printing head    

3S head (3S: Swing Single Squeegee)

Printing accuracy

Positioning repeatability (6 σ): +/– 10 μm

Printing line tact

10 sec (Standard printing: under optimum condition, including board transfer time and printing time)

Applicable stencil size    L 750 x W 750 mm

L 736 x W 736 mm (29″)

L 750 x W 650 mm

L 650 x W 550 mm

L 584 x W 584 mm (23″)

Power supply    

Single-phase AC 200 to 230 V +/– 20 V

Air supply source

0.45 MPa or more

External dimension (excluding projections)

L 1,640 x W 1,990 x H 1,525 mm (full range of options)


Approx. 1,700 kg

In addition to existing automatic program changeover and Print Stability Control (PSC) systems, full automation of changeover work is achieved by including the new automatic push-up pin exchange, automatic stencil replacement, and automatic solder transfer functions (all of which are optional). In addition, the cycle time (including stencil cleaning) has been improved by 20% compared to previous models. Other enhancements include compatibility with a wider range of circuit board sizes and the new cleaner head achieving a significant reduction in cleaning paper consumption volume.


Key Features & Benefits 

  • World’s fastest level cycle time
  • Supports fully automatic stencil replacement
  • Delivers both high quality & super accurate printing!
  • Supports extra-large boards & large-size stencils