Seho GoWave Wave Soldering System

GoWave presents the finest soldering technology in its class due to its advanced fluxer module, efficient preheater, innovative soldering area and microprocessor control.  Ideal for small production volumes, the Seho GoWave is suited for a variety of applications ranging from entry level mass soldering to soldering in small or medium sized batches.


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Technical Data and machine options

Useable soldering width

Max. 340mm [13.39”]

Pass-through height (measured from bottom edge of PCB)

100mm [3.94”]

PCB / solder mask dimensions l x w

Max. 410 x 340mm [16.14” x 13.39”]

Fluxer Area

ATS spray fluxer with HVLP technology


Quantity and adjustable flow via meter


Volume of working tank

0.7 litre

Maintenance unit for compressed air


Exhaust hood with stainless steel filter for fluxer area


Spray width individually manually adjustable


Preheat Area

Infrared preheating with glass ceramic cover


Preheat length and width

700 x 400mm [ 27.56” x 15.75”]

Preheat power rating


Preheat temperature

Max. 420°C

Programmable stopping of PCB’s in the preheat zone 


Reflection tunnel above preheat and soldering area



Solder frame conveyor


Pass-through direction from left to right


Conveyor angle manually adjustable

6-8 degrees

Conveyor speed

0.3- 2.0 m/min

Soldering Area

Composit coating for processing lead-free alloys


Solder volume SnPb / SnAgCu

Approx. 185kg / 150kg

Electrical power rating of the solder pot

4.5 kW

Wave height

Max. 7mm

Solder level control


Solder nozzle units as single wave concept


Solder nozzle units as dual wave concept


Local nitrogen inertion in the soldering area


Control Unit

Microprocessor control with touch screen


Storage capacity for 100 soldering programs


Closed loop control for conveyor, heating and pump speed


Clock timer


USB interface


Recording of operating and process data via USB stick


High precision CAN bus motors for pumps and conveyor


Connections and Dimensions

Exhaust volume

1 x 550 m3/h

Connection voltage (standard)

230/400 V, 50 Hz

Total power consumption

8 kW

Compressed air and pressure

R ¼”, 6 bar

Compressed air consumption

Approx. 250 l/min.

Dimensions l x w

3000 x 820mm (+display ca. 150mm) [118.11”] x 32.28”]

Features and benefits

  • Innovative nozzle designs and local nitrogen inertion
  • Spray fluxer with HVLP technology ensures clear spray pattern with reduced flux consumption
  • Preheat area with IR covered with ceramic glass, and reflection tunnel for optimum energy gains
  • Soldering width: 340 mm
  • Conveyor angle adjustable between 6° and 8°
  • User-friendly programming and operation
  • Low maintenance requirements