Heller Industries 1913 MK5 Reflow Soldering Oven

The ultimate high volume Surface Mount Technology production solution with belt speeds up to 1.4m/min to accommodate the fastest pick-and-place systems delivering the highest levels of repeatability with the lowest delta Ts.

With a high-capacity, 26-inch wide heater module, the 1900 MkV Series reflow oven machine system offers unmatched flexibility in pcb board handling. The oven may be fitted with an adjustable single-rail edge hold conveyor/mesh belt combo, to carry even the largest boards or multi-board panels (up to 20 inches wide) through the oven.

Heller SMT reflow and curing ovens offer advantages such as lower operating costs, greater flexibility, reduced maintenance and higher throughput.  The new flux system eliminates maintenance by trapping the flux in a separate collection box with easy to remove plates. As a result, the oven tunnel is kept clean saving countless hours of cleaning.



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465 x 137 x 160 cm

Heating zones

9 Top, 9 Bottom

Heated length:


Cooling zones

2 Top, 3 Top (optional), Bottom cool (optional)

Typical power consumptions:

7,5 - 16 kW

Max conveyor speed:

188 cm/min

Features and benefits

  • 9 top and  bottom heated zones - highest zone count per linear foot in the industry
  • 100" heated length  for super reflow soldering throughput
  • 2 internal cooling zones  gives the lowest exit temperature
  • 180" total length - optimises floorspace utilisation
  • Awardwinning flux separation system - Fitlerless Flux Separation System,  easy CleanMode takes 30 Minutes
  • Water Cooling Option To Increase Cooling Rate

With Heller's Balanced Flow Heater Module (BFM) technology the cost of running nitrogen has been reduced by up to 50%! With LOW KW features, electrical consumption can be reduced by up to 40%! Heller customers have experienced cost savings between $15,000 - $18,000 per year.