Essemtec RO400FC Convection Reflow Soldering Oven

Small-batch and mid-size production requires a reflow system with high flexibilty and ease of operation. The Swiss-made Essemtec R0400FC guarantees accurate and reliable soldering results for standard and unleaded use. 


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Soldering of complex SMD boards and new package technologies requires a well-controlled soldering process. Demands for a modern oven are not only in soldering and curing, but in zone regulation, storing of profiles and the extra high air circulating volume for complex PCB's. 

The RO400FC uses full convection only to heat PCBs precisely and uniformly. The convection technology uses vertical laminar flow, which offers an efficient heat transfer with the lowest Delta T values.

Ease of Operation 

The integrated microprocessor control with LCD display provides an easy-to-use operator interface and storage capacity of up to 28 profiles. The memory provides program proposals and enough space for the operators own profiles.

High Accuracy, High Precision 

The RO400FC is equipped with 5 special oven steel hot air convection modules (four top/one bottom within the reflow zone). Each module contains a high volume blower and unique airflow construction for ideal heat transfer.

Zone temperatures are fully programmable, as is the closed-loop-controlled conveyor speed. Zone temperatures are measured within the airflow at the board height to guarantee highly reproducible soldering conditions

Transport System Choices

Depending on the application, a mesh belt or chain conveyor system is used for substrate transport (with or without middle support). Transport width adjustment of the chain conveyor is motorized.

Easy Integration

SMEMA connectors provide the ability to link the RO400FC with any other compatible equipment.

Uniform Heating

The convection technology applies the same temperature everywhere on the board independent of component size or color, making programming as easy as possible.

Efficient Cooling 

In between the cooling zone, two highly efficient blowers cool down the PCB quickly.

Process Control

With the optional flying thermocouples, temperatures can be recorded directly on the board and displayed on the machine’s LCD display.


New soldering tasks can be simulated and offers unlimited storage space for programs. Measured temperature profiles can be superimposed graphically.